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HAMLET - If you are a lady of at least 40 years of age whose favorite colors are red and purple and you “play well with others,” then we have just the club for you!
The childhood of Hamlet’s own John Coltrane, jazz musician extraordinaire, was typical of African-Americans of his time.
Most years, the first week in April is the best time to fish for crappie in our local lakes and rivers.
Ellerbe First Presbyterian Church, PCA invites you to revival services.
ROCKINGHAM - If you were brought up in my generation and your parents had a garden, you probably planted your Irish potatoes by hand in freshly plowed soil.
While the exact origin of the tradition of April Fools’ Day cannot be definitively determined, it has been around for quite some time. Also referred to as “All Fools’ Day,” the occasion has transcended cultures and has been recognized for several centuries.
Easter is considered to be a sacred holiday for most Christians, and rightfully so. It is written that Jesus was crucified on the cross by the Romans on what we now call Good Friday, and that He rose from the dead on the subsequent Sunday, now commemorated as Easter.
Thursday, 29 March 2018 05:03

How Richmond County Got its Shape

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Richmond County is a small county with a deep-rooted history in the State of North Carolina. I had the idea to do a historical piece regarding Richmond County a few weeks ago and I knew that a lot of research would have to go into it.
Thursday, 29 March 2018 05:02

The Candies and Treats of Easter

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Easter is, of course, generally considered to be a religion-based holiday, but there is a childlike magic about it as well. Specifically adding to this mystique are the various candies and other sweet treats that are overly abundant during this time.
The colors of Easter are universal and ubiquitous with the holiday, but … why are they what they are?
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