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ELERBE – The outside lights may not be on at all hours, but there is definitely somebody at Dixie Burger in Ellerbe at most any time, day or night. That’s just how the owners operate.
Tuesday, 28 November 2017 06:00

Local Business Spotlight: Nectar Coffee Shop

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ROCKINGHAM - In this week’s edition of the RO’s exclusive “Local Business Spotlight” column, contributor Cleve Baxley meets with Sarah Ferguson, the owner of Nectar Coffee Shop in Rockingham.
Monday, 27 November 2017 06:00

Amy Faw: A Story of Resilience and Faith

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ROCKINGHAM – Amy and Bran Faw are pillars of the community, and know a thing or two about overcoming adversity.
Monday, 27 November 2017 06:00

Safety First

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As a young boy growing up in the 1950s, I loved cap-pistols and toy guns. I was told not to ever point these guns at anybody or they would be taken from me.
The days of working for the same company for thirty years and retiring with a gold watch and a pension, for most, are long gone. Chances are you will find yourself changing jobs a number of times over the course of your career – either by choice or as the…
Thursday, 16 November 2017 16:39

Grandma Betty's Country Recipes (11/16/17)

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So glad to be back on The Richmond Observer bringing you may country favorites. As a reminder, I'm the grandmother of the co-founder of The Richmond Observer and LIVE AT 5 nightly news anchor Lance Jenkins, and here are a couple of my recipes for your Thursday edition of The…
HAMLET – Loretta Sears, telecommunications operator at Hamlet Police Department, can readily relate to Tom Hanks’ character Forrest Gump and his analogy of “life is like a box of chocolates ….” Loretta never knows what she’s “going to get” when the phone rings at the station.
Monday, 13 November 2017 22:27

Warm Memories of a Cold Food

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Do you have a food that brings back a lot of good memories? I do, and believe it or not, it’s ice cream. You know, that frozen concoction that literally melts in your mouth.
In January 1959 I joined the U.S. Army. I went from Rockingham, NC by bus to Charlotte, NC for induction. After a day and night we were sent on to Fort Jackson, SC by bus, for Basic Training.
Before I get started on this final part of my story on the Dixon Brothers, let me correct myself from something I wrote about last week. The correction is that the Dixon family came to East Rockingham and went to work at what was then Entwistle No. 1 Mill which…
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