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Friday, 10 August 2018 05:03

Making of a Quail Hunter - Part 4

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HAMLET - One good thing about being my own breadwinner was that I was able to buy my first quail hunting vehicle, a blue 1951 Chevrolet pick-up truck that needed a clutch. It was $275, had three windows in the back, the starter on the floor and a 3-speed stick.…
Thursday, 09 August 2018 05:13

Learning from Life: Thomas Randolph Curtis

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ROCKINGHAM - Wahoo McDaniel, Swede Hanson, Rip Hawk, Gene and Ole Anderson. Household names in Mid-Atlantic Wrestling and part of the brotherhood of professional wrestlers Tom wrestled or shared the ring with. Over his adult life Tom would be an airman, soldier, deputy sheriff, professional wrestler and business owner.
Wednesday, 08 August 2018 00:05

You Don’t Know Jack!

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WILMINGTON - In 1877, a railway signalman in Cape Town South Africa named James “Jumper” Wide once again attempted to uphold his reputation as a boxcar jumper by leaping between two moving rail cars. He didn’t exactly stick the landing. Wide survived the nearly 10-foot free fall to the tracks…
Tuesday, 07 August 2018 00:03

Nothing Sweeter Than the Truth ...

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WILMINGTON - Surrounded by tall Virginia pines, Augustine’s son gripped his new hatchet in one hand and shielded his eyes from the afternoon sun with the other. The son had just turned 6 years old and this gift signified that he was beginning his path to manhood. It did not…
Monday, 06 August 2018 05:04

A Tough Week at Work

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WILMINGTON - In the summer of 1945, Tsutomu Yamaguchi was preparing to head home after a 3-month long business trip in Hiroshima, Japan. He enjoyed his work as a draftsman in charge of designing oil tankers for the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Corporation but was excited to return home to his…
Friday, 03 August 2018 05:04

National Watermelon Day

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CONCORD - National Watermelon Day is August 3, 2018. Anything as juicy, sweet, and refreshing as watermelon deserves its own day. I have bought my share of less than desirable watermelons. But, I have also tasted watermelon that made me agree with Mark Twain: “To taste a watermelon is to…
Collaboration Grows Shopping Experience Downtown Rockingham
Thursday, 02 August 2018 05:04

Any Lynyrd Skynyrd Fans Out There?

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HAMLET - Bob Burns was born in Jacksonville, FL, on November 24th, 1950, and died on April 3, 2015. I knew Bob well; he was a kind and simple man with very little demands. I was invited to meet him many years ago. We met in a studio, traded drum…
Monday, 30 July 2018 05:04

Learning from Life ...

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ROCKINGHAM - I’ve always been fascinated by people older than me. Listening in amazement as they told stories about what it was like to be a young boy or girl during the Great Depression. Stories of childhood adventures, adolescent hi-jinks, school days or jobs they held. I learned so much…
PINEHURST – The term “healthy weight” has a special meaning for one Parkton, N.C., couple. Despite years of unsuccessful attempts to lose extra pounds—hundreds of extra pounds—weight for each had become a real health danger. Bill Dixon, 50, had heart issues. His wife, Yvonne, 44, had a thyroid condition, acid…
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