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50 Shades of Denim – Fall 2017’s Fashion Trends

It’s almost time to transition into a new fall season, which means wardrobe changes are also on the horizon. If you love the summer season like me, we’re dreading the thought of letting go those flowing sundresses, flip flops, and warm sunny days, and replacing them with sweaters, boots and cooler grey days.

One positive thing about the change of seasons is looking forward to what’s new! This season its all about denim.

I would usually feel a bit hopeless about wearing denim, considering the fact at one time my wardrobe only consisted of skirts, dresses and occasional stretch pants. Being a curvy plus woman, wearing jeans has not always been my favorite. I felt more comfortable in wearing skirts and dresses, only because it was difficult finding jeans that actually fit my body type. 

I remember thumbing through a magazine one day, and stumbled across Oprah wearing jeans! I thought to myself that she made that look so effortless and pulled together. It was truly such a fabulous inspiration to me! 

With that being said, I stepped out of my stretchy dress-wearing comfort zone. And before I knew it, I had discovered a more stylish cut in denim and style that would work best for my body type. Rue 21 became my go-to shop for all my denim needs. They literally have “Fifty Shades of Denim” for all body types and body shapes. 

Rue 21 has become a fashion influence for both women and men. The sizing chart for Girls is sizes 00 to 16, ranging from XXS to XL.The sizing chart for Curvy Rue Plus (sizes 14 to 28) ranges from size X to 4X. Sizes available for men range from 26 to 44. There may be some sizes that aren’t in store, but are available online. 


Rue 21 also features a variety of fashion denim fits; such as jeggings, skinny, super skinny, slim straight, relaxed and jogger styles. Some of the styles also depend on the length of the waistline. For example, low-rise hits well below the the stomach; mid-rise hits just below the stomach. When wearing high-rise denim pants, the waist hits right at the stomach, and extra high-rise goes above the belly button. 

There are so many styles and features that make finding the perfect pair of jeans a breeze! And you’re probably wondering if they’ll bring back “mom jeans”. Yes, they’re definitely back and on trend during the 2017 fall season!

Another favorite feature by stylists this fall is the ankle detail in the Rue denim collection. It’s a pretty BIG deal! Anything from frayed, chewed, step up, cuffed, and distressed ankle details are on the racks. The ankle length denim is also perfect for showing off your favorite pair of shoes! 

What I love about the denim collection at Rue 21 is not only the fit and patterns, but the fabric, too. The fabric is soft, stretches through wear, and fits comfortably. Denim is versatile and can be surprisingly compatible to your fashion moods. 

Whether its worn dressed up or down, ripped or torn, throwback or classic, slim or curvy, denim will forever be an all time fashion favorite by many people.

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