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A HARD LOCK LIFE: Moree combines love of music with hairstyling in Southern Pines salon

Richmond County native Jenny Moree stands inside her Southern Pines salon with a guitar. Photos by Christopher McDonald

Jenny Moree’s salon is an homage to everything that is music.

Album covers, concert posters and memorabilia ring the walls. One of the prevailing stars that stands out is Johnny Cash who was the ultimate renegade.

Moree’s salon is all about being a renegade.

This isn’t your mom’s beauty shop with Madge giving manicures and the customers gossiping about whom Mrs. Thistlewaite’s daughter is being courted by in the town.

No permanents and no fluff. It’s rock and roll, pure and simple.

“The place I was working at before was changing,” said Moree, “and was given two weeks’ notice to make up my mind about my future. So, I had to make a decision. I was asking myself, ‘What am I going to do?’ So, I thought about what I love and what do I love to do? I love music and I love cutting hair. So, why not mesh the two together.”

Moree feels that her salon, albeit vastly different from others, can relate to the music motif.

“I feel like everyone can relate to music when they come in here,” said Moree. “You go into a lot of hair salons and it’s sterile and prim and proper. Here, it’s literally a place to let your hair down.”

The barber and hairdressing gene runs in the family.

“My grandfather was a barber and several aunts were hairstylists,” said Moree. “It’s kind of a family thing.”

When she graduated from Richmond Senior in 1992, she wanted to go to barber school.

“The closest barber school was in Sanford,” said Moree, “so I went for one year and received the complete cosmetology degree.”

So, return back to when she only had two weeks to make a decision on her future. A suggestion from one of her clients made all of the difference.

“I had a client who was a business consultant,” said Moree. She told me to just book an hour with her. I did and it was expensive but it was the best money I ever spent.”

Moree said that the consultant had one question for her.

“She asked me, ‘If you could do one haircut every day, what style would it be?’ and I answered, short hair. And then it started from there.”


When asked what advice she would give to someone who wanted to follow in her cosmetological footprints, Moree says follow your passion.

“It doesn’t come easy,” said Moree. “You have to be there. You can’t just come in and out when you have an appointment. It’s an art, you really have to work at it.”

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Moree says that she feels she is exactly where she is where she is supposed to be.

“I get to do what I love,” said Moree. “I get to have 15-20 people sit in my chair a day. It’s like you’re reading 15-20 books a day. To be able to make a living by doing it, you have to adapt to every single person. It’s just a fun job. I feel like I should be paying the client.”

Jenny Moree – A Salon That Rocks is located at 157 E. Pennsylvania Ave., Southern Pines

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