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“Aha Moments”: Embrace the Breakthroughs

A few years ago, I experienced a shift in life. It was a change that I knew only time would be able to heal. I had no idea how long it would take.
There were days I didn’t feel like doing anything. The thought of facing people that I didn’t want to see or talk to just annoyed me to highest degree. I was in a complicated space; my confidence was at an all-time low. I began wondering if I could ever be happy and able to open my heart, and just live. But the doubts took over, and everything weighed so heavily on my heart and mind from day to day.
My mom would always say, “you’re much stronger than you think.” She was right!
I can’t express just how much the power of prayer, family and truthful friends helped me with gaining strength and encouragement. Oh, and let’s not underestimate the power of a “new pair of heels,” which boosted my step into self-love, and allowed me to stand taller, be more confident and gracefully kick away all the negative vibes that life tried to throw my way. And that’s just what I did!
Despite the slow process, my mind was finally made up, and my heart was in the right place. Every day got just a little bit brighter and brighter. I woke up with a positive outlook on life. I was grateful for all the lessons and blessings. I could finally see the rainbow after the storm.
From that moment forward, I decided to live out my dreams, go after my passion and to motivate and inspire others. I was determined to live and love in every color possible in life. I buried the bitterness and sadness, and embraced happiness and forgiveness.
This was my “aha moment.” Not only did I survive the storm; but I was the rainbow!
If you have an “aha moment”, I’d love to hear about it. Please feel free to share!
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