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Artrageous puts on unique show at Cole Auditorium

The Artrageous troupe takes a bow at the end of their Oct. 16 show at Cole Auditorium. See more photos below this story. Photos by Betty Gallo McIntyre (except where noted)

HAMLET — A creative team of nine energetic artists came together Oct. 16 at Cole Auditorium to perform a unique show for hundreds of ticketholders.

The multi-talented troupe, Artrageous, has traveled all over the globe to more than 2,000 events to share their special talents and love for art in the form of music, painting, dancing, comedy and puppetry along with a blacklight show.

The group began as friends in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with the desire to bring joy to others as they began sharing their talents in the nonprofit “All and Everything Theater.”

On a Christmas day in the ‘80s, a fire destroyed their theater building along with all their materials. Instead of giving up, they decided to travel and began performing in various venues; thus, Artrageous was born.

Before the show began, members of Artrageous handed out lighted rings to the audience so they could participate in the show which had the auditorium lit-up during the song “My Girl.” The audience was also encouraged to get up and dance during the show with several attendees going on stage to perform.

“We are very passionate about the arts; it is so important not only for the heart but also for the head, said Artrageous artist Lauri Francis. “When you create art, it’s scientifically proven to reduce your stress level.”

During the program, the song “Labor of Love” was dedicated to all the mothers in the audience.


There was also a giveaway of one of the seven paintings created that night for anyone who entered the contest. Millie Walls from Rockingham was the winner.

Millie Walls of Rockingham stands beside a painting of the Mona Lisa she won during the Artrageous show Oct. 16. Contributed photo

Walls has been attending events at the Cole Auditorium for years. She chose the Mona Lisa painting and donated it to ArtsRichmond. Council President Susan Perkins was at the event to accept the painting.

Francis said her most memorable show was during halftime at the NBA All-Star Game in Charlotte.

“It was the most frightening event,” Francis recalled. “We only had four minutes to paint without getting a drop of paint on the court. I painted LeBron James.”

However, Francis added that “meeting each individual is the most memorable and the most special part of the show.”

For more information on Artrageous, visit Artrageousshow.com.

See more photos below.

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