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Beauty & Wellness Corner: Know These 3 Things Before Your Next Salon Visit

Kelly Monroe.


I’ve been hearing a lot lately about the issue of non-licensed individuals performing services at salons. It usually comes up in the form of a person talking about an awful experience they had. For example, they were dissatisfied with the results or were actually physically harmed as a result of the “service.” Some consumers tend to think that as long as they are getting a service in a salon, the person offering the service is qualified, but that is not always true.

You go to a nail salon, and your Nail Technician offers to do your eyebrows, eyelash extensions, or eyelash perming. While they may be a licensed Nail Tech and have access to professional supplies, they might not be qualified to perform that particular service. I am a licensed beauty salon owner and have access to professional waxing products as well as other various products. Does this mean I am qualified and trained to apply hot wax to your skin and rip it off? To do skin peels? To apply lifting and extension products to your eyes? No, no, no!

These services are awesome beauty enhancers when performed by a trained professional, but can be downright dangerous when performed by someone without training. Horror stories include: second-degree burns from wax being too hot or left on too long; allergic reactions from nail glue being used instead of lash glue; lashes falling out due to extension products being left on too long, and more.

What you need to know:

    •    In North Carolina, to apply lash extensions, lash lift or perm, or provide waxing services, you must be a licensed Cosmetologist or Esthetician. I hate to see people risking their health when there are so many salons doing it the right way and have Estheticians or a Cosmetologists on staff to legally offer services.

    •    As the consumer, for your own safety, you should know it’s okay to ask if someone is licensed, and to see their license before you receive a service. Also, be specific in asking if that individual is qualified. It does not do you any good if they have a licensed professional employed there, but that does not happen to be the person working on you.

    •    You can also verify your Cosmetologist or Esthetician’s license is active, see if there are any known violations, and how long they have been licensed by going to http://www.nccosmeticarts.com/onlineservices/Verification.aspx


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