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Bolton to recount story of Lowry gang at Richmond County Historical Society meeting

Storyteller J.A. Bolton will recount the story of the Lowry Gang of Robeson County during the Richmond County Historical Society's meeting Feb. 18.
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ROCKINGHAM ― Monday night, Feb. 18 at 7 p.m. the Richmond County Historical Society will hold its monthly meeting at Rockingham City Hall. The public is encouraged to attend.

The program for this month will be presented by Richmond County historian and storyteller J.A. Bolton. Bolton will be talking about the notorious Lowry Gang of Robeson County.

This is a historical story of a young Lumbee Indian, Henry Berry Lowry, and his band of followers who were caught up and consumed by injustice around them.


It takes place around 150 years ago in the last years of the American Civil War and the Reconstruction years that followed in southeastern N.C.

The story of the Lowry Gang involved land-grabbing, politics, vendettas, thefts, jailbreaks, trials and out-right murders. It crosses over three different racial barriers and tells the story of how people lived during these turbulent times in our history.

The public is invited to join the Historical Society as Bolton recounts and displays the historical past of the Lowry Wars.


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