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COLUMN: Spring has made its arrival

A blossoming tree is a sign of spring.
J.A. Bolton

March 20 is the official date on the calendar for spring to begin. Although March weather is very unpredictable, I think warmer weather is on its way.

One way I know spring is not far off is the high pollen count. Why, when I was younger, pollen never seemed to bother me, but hello, as I get older, my sinuses are either running full blast or I have a terrible headache.

Spring has always been a season of new life and hope for all people. Our ancestors celebrated the new season with rejoicing and festivals because they had made it through another cold winter, sometimes without much food.

A popular English poet, Anna Bradstreet, said, “If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant.” So, I know the Lord knew what he was doing when He made the four seasons of the year.

Can you just imagine how it is to live in some parts of the world where the rivers and soil stay frozen just about the whole year until the spring thaw begins? 

So, what are some of the things we do here in the South when spring comes each year? 

I know when I was a lad, my mom would open every window in the house, “To let it air out,” she would say. We would also place all our bed linens and throw rugs on the clothesline to freshen them up. Why, just about everything, including the floor, got a spring cleaning! Mom also said that when she was growing up, every child got a dose of castor oil, whether you needed it or not. Why, I bet that went over like a lead balloon! 

Good Friday usually falls not long after spring officially begins. Old folks say this is a good time to plant your garden and put new flowers in the ground. Easter is a time when children have their Easter egg hunts, but more importantly, it is a time that we recognize the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

When spring arrives, so does the green grass in our own yards and in farm pastures. Also, things like the Bartlett pear trees begin to bloom, followed closely by the beautiful dogwood trees. Flowering yellow daffodils and tulips begin to spring up in our yards. Yellow bell bushes start budding out while camellia bushes produce their large colorful blooms.

Strawberry plants are in full bloom and peach trees are starting to bloom. Why, it won’t be long before we can enjoy a fresh strawberry short cake or a delicious peach cobbler.

Although spring is here, our strawberry and peach growers still have to worry about a late freeze that can damage or completely destroy their crops.


Last Monday, my wife and I drove across the Pee Dee River Bridge to Anson County. We stopped along the way to take some pictures of the acres of peach trees grown by Mr. Chesley Greene and his family at Pee Dee Orchards. This has been a family owned business for years. The peach trees were just starting to bloom and hopefully, a late freeze won’t damage their crop of wonderful juicy peaches.

Springtime can be a time for many things. One of my fond memories of spring was being able to go barefooted. Yessir, that soft dirt of our freshly plowed garden felt so good between my toes.

After a long winter, even the animals, fish, birds, and all of God’s creatures seem to mosey on out and enjoy the warm sunshine.

Springtime brings out baby rabbits scampering through the grass, while most deer fawns still have their spots. Fish are laying their eggs and even seem to bite better.

Spring turkey season is a time to test a hunter’s skill to call in a big gobbler. Fishermen are headed to our many ponds and lakes to catch their limit.

Even if you have to work in your yard, it’s just more pleasant in the spring. It’s hard to beat the smell of freshly mowed grass or the aroma of rose buds.

This year is going to be a little different because of the pandemic, but hopefully, we can attend a spring festival, a farmer’s market, or at least enjoy the Fourth of July fireworks. 

Even though we never know what the next day of our lives might bring, we should get on our knees and thank the good Lord for allowing each of us to enjoy another wonderful spring season!

J.A. Bolton is author of “Just Passing Time,” co-author of “Just Passing Time Together,” and just released his new book “Southern Fried: Down-Home Stories,” all of which can be purchased on Amazon. Contact him at ja@jabolton.com.