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Ellerbe birthday parade roars with celebration

Six-year-old Easton waves at an emergency truck as it rolls by during a birthday parade for him Monday afternoon.
Russell Parker - Richmond Observer

ELLERBE — Although COVID-19 restrictions continue to limit social gatherings, a community and family found a way to celebrate one child’s birthday together while practicing social distancing.

Easton, who turned 6 years old, was greeted by a parade of vehicles on Haywood Parker Road in Ellerbe, led by Houston Hayden and the town’s fire department.

Behind the firetruck was the roar of more than two dozen motorcycles cruising by, revving up and shouting out, “Happy birthday!” to Easton.

After the motorcycles rolled on, family stopped their vehicles beside Easton to hand out presents before continuing on. Some threw out candy from their windows.


The parade concluded with a law enforcement vehicle, which pulled over to let Easton inside to play with the lights and sirens.

Easton then went to open presents and read cards with parents Greg McCauley and Diana Cipriane and other members of the family before Hayden brought Easton over to the firetruck to check out the emergency vehicle.

Birthday parades have become a trend in recent months across North Carolina and the rest of the nation.

See the video of the parade at the bottom of this post.


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