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Finding their paths

Cousins River and Will Meacham have been interning at their family business.
Richmond County Schools

ELLERBE — Seniors Will and River Meacham are completing their internship at Meacham Logging, Inc., a family owned company that’s been in business for 30 years. 

 The cousins have been involved in the business since they were young. Now that they’re older, River is considering staying in the logging business, while Will said he’s considering a career in  welding.  

“I started taking welding classes last year and that’s when I realized I was more interested in welding,” said Will. “I’ve been thinking about a new career but I just started asking about welding last school year.”  

Some of Will and River’s tasks include operating the cutter, skidder and loader machines. They’ve been familiar with the work needed to operate their family business, but both agreed that their classes at Richmond Senior have been helpful.  

“I’ve been able to apply what I learned in my classes,” said River, who’s taken classes like advanced manufacturing. “My OSHA certification has helped as well.”  


“Advanced manufacturing and welding have been helpful,” added Will. “Jason Felts and Mr. Perakis are good.”  

After graduation, River plans to go to a four-year university and is looking at N.C. State University. Will said he will complete the welding program and look for work.  

“Being in the CTE program, I’ve been able to learn and view different jobs,” said River. “It teaches me critical work skills that I need for work.  

“I’ve also learned more about work manners and being on time,” River added about his time at  his internship. 

“The CTE program has helped me realize there are other options,” said Will.