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FirstHealth patient finds freedom from arthritis with knee replacement

Cathy Richardson, Dr. David Casey

FAYETTEVILLE — Rheumatoid arthritis left 65-year-old Cathy Richardson unable to fully participate in her life. Walking long distances was tough and time spent on family activities was limited until she received joint replacement surgery.

Richardson had her right knee replaced in 2019 but continued to struggle with daily pain in her left knee. She waited as long as possible to have another surgery. Her cousin recommended Pinehurst Surgical Clinic orthopaedic surgeon David Casey, M.D., under contract with FirstHealth’s orthopaedic clinic in Fayetteville, for the procedure after a successful knee replacement. She read his bio online and decided to book an appointment.

“Dr. Casey was great in the consult,” Richardson said. “He explained this is what you need, but you’re gonna be the one who determines when you need to do this. He explained and clarified everything. He just made you feel like he really cared about you.”

In April of last year, Richardson had her left knee replacement surgery and said the recovery process has been great. Dr. Casey’s team arranged for her to have physical therapy appointments closer to her home in Fayetteville and made themselves available if she had any issues. Recently retired after a 28-year career at Fayetteville Community College, Richardson said she felt like a new person after surgery.

“I feel like I have my life back,” she said. “I’m able to do a lot of things I was not able to do before because of the pain. I was able to do some dancing at Christmas. I can participate in more grandchildren activities. Before, I wouldn’t go because it may be too much walking, or you may have to climb bleachers.”

For Dr. Casey and his team, helping patients return to optimal functioning is a top priority. Orthopaedic treatments can include steroid injections, braces and casts, joint manipulation, physical therapy and, of course, surgery.


“The decision to undergo a joint replacement procedure is multifactorial and very personal. We begin by ensuring that each patient is made familiar with all options,” Dr. Casey said. “Our goal is to guide patients in this informed decision-making process, because helping each patient understand all their options and the associated risks and benefits for each, empowers them in choosing the best treatment option for themselves at the right time. We emphasize to our patients that the ideal operation is the one that fixes their problem and lasts a lifetime. We also coordinate care with external departments like physical therapy so our patients may receive comprehensive care throughout the entire treatment process.”

Richardson said she recommends Dr. Casey to friends because of the high level of care she experienced. She also enjoyed the personalized touches, such as receiving a card the whole team had signed after surgery.

“I feel like they all went above and beyond to assist me,” Richardson praised. “Once you got in with Dr. Casey and his staff, they listened to you and took your concerns seriously.”

About FirstHealth Orthopaedics

FirstHealth Orthopaedics, under contract with Pinehurst Surgical Clinic, provides diagnosis of orthopaedic diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system – the bones and joints of the arms, legs, spine and related structures, such as nerves, ligaments, tendons and muscles. The goal of the orthopaedics team is to return patients to optimum health and help with normal, pain-free daily activity. To learn more or to schedule an appointment in Fayetteville, Sanford, Troy, Raeford, or Richmond, call 800-213-3284.

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