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Heartfelt Clips and Healthy Tips: Day of the Reptile Visit and the Benefits of Stretching

Betty McIntyre

My oldest daughter, her husband and my two grand-babies live in Virginia Beach, so we communicate often through Facebook as well as phone and Skype. This past Saturday morning I got a call from her telling me about an interesting event that had just taken place. She was in the kitchen preparing breakfast while the children (Payton who is 5-years-old and Aaron who is 3) were playing in the living room building a fort.

Payton called out, “A lizard, a real, real live lizard!”  Of course Jessica stopped what she was doing and ran in there to see. Aaron was running around the living room trying to catch the speedy little reptile when it ran into the laundry room and disappeared.  Aaron and Payton continued to look for it with no luck. It was time to eat breakfast, so they all went to the table to eat. Aaron was determined to try to catch the lizard again, so he inhaled his breakfast and charged back into the laundry room. There was not another thought about the lizard being in the house; they figured it was long gone, and even if it wasn’t, Aaron would never be able to catch this super-fast reptile. Within a few minutes Jessica heard Payton squeal. Aaron had the lizard in his hand, it had met its match, for Aaron has been known to be just as fast as this little reptile! Later on in the day another one appeared, and Aaron caught that one too!


Don’t underestimate the ability of a 3 year old!


Stretching has many known benefits; as some are listed below.

            •           Relaxes the muscles, in turn you are relaxed

            •           Increases blood flow, as well as nutrients to the cartilage and muscles

            •           Helps improve posture

            •           As we age, our muscles tend to get tighter which increase chances of injury. Stretching loosens the muscles which reduce chances of injury

            •           Improves flexibility, which also reduces chance of injury


            •           Releases endorphins which relieve stress

            •           Overall, makes you feel great



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