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Heartfelt Clips and Healthy Tips: Update on Otis the Rooster

Several articles ago, I wrote about a dog named Lady who became best friends with a rooster. Lady needed a home, and a coworker of mine and his family adopted her. The rooster was eventually named Otis, but was originally thought to be a hen that they named Gurdy.

The owners recognized Gurdy wasn’t a female one morning when they were wakened by a very peculiar sound, which turned out to be Otis trying to crow. Otis and Lady did everything together; played, ate, and slept together. They were true best friends. Otis was originally purchased with three other hens, in which something kept killing them Otis was the only one left. Lady began to protect Otis as they became best friends.

I was just told recently that Otis has been escaping and making daily visits to a nearby neighbor who happens to have hens. This neighbor also has a rooster who does not appreciate the fact that Otis comes over to harass his hens. The two of them always get into a fight, and after his daily routine, Otis returns home.

My co-worker decided he should get a few hens to accommodate Otis. Two hens were purchased. The first day of the hens’ arrival, Otis went crazy. He began to strut his “stuff” with a sideways twist, around the grounds. He was very proud to have these two hens on his property!


Otis also became very possessive of the hens and would chase anyone, including the owner, away from them. He also became a very dependable leader, as well as a good teacher to the hens as he was caught showing them how to scratch the ground for food. At night Otis makes sure the hens are safe by ushering them into their roosting place where he, Lady, and the hens sleep.

Otis does still make time for his bestie, Lady the dog. Lady now has two more buddies, in which all four of them room together.

Oh, and by the way, as Otis continues to strut for his hens and he has also mastered crowing!

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