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Heartfelt Clips and Healthy Tips: Walking on Water / Traveling Tips

Betty McIntyre


We have all experienced times in our lives when we’ve had to make difficult decisions. There is the question of the consequences of our choices, “Should I, or shouldn’t I?” If we never make a decision, we will never see a change. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to actually walk on water; it could be the choice of a hard decision. In the bible, Peter had this choice to make. Peter was an outspoken disciple with a strong personality, and he was faced with a decision which included having faith. Without believing Jesus was who Peter knew him to be, he would have never been able to have the faith to make the right choice as Jesus called him to “Come.” As Peter finally made the decision to step out of the boat, he used the faith that was planted deep in his spirit to trust the One whom he had his eyes upon.

Should I take that job? Should I sell my home and start over? Should I marry that person? Should I make that purchase? We are faced with numerous decisions during our lifetime, and we too need to have this trust in order to try to make the right choices. The bible tells us God will lead us in peace. As I have grown older, I’ve learned it’s this peace that I try to base my decisions upon. Let me clarify, there have been many times in which I didn’t follow the truth that was in my heart and each time things never worked out. We will all make mistakes, but that should NOT keep us from continuing to try. Some of the strongest people in the bible made horrible mistakes, but through perseverance they eventually made the right choices. God knows none of us are perfect, no not one! He loves us too much to allow us to continue to stay in a dry, stagnant place. So when you have a chance to make a change for the better, take that step of faith, trust God and venture out on the water! 


While we are still in the peak season of vacationing, a lot of us will be driving to our destinations. To avoid unnecessary stress, plan ahead. Preset your destination if you use a GPS; avoid using cell phones while car is in operation. Before hopping in that car to enjoy a getaway, you need to make sure it is safe. Be sure to check all your fluids; you do not want to be stranded on the side of the road due to a lack of oil. Clean your windshield as well as checking the wipers, as I have learned the hard way how important good wipers are when there is a downpour. Also check the treads and pressure in your tires before you leave; good tires are critical for traveling. Pack your belongings as to leave an open view from your rear view mirror, you need to be able to see clearly; also set your side view mirrors. If you are traveling with children, make sure you have something handy to keep them content. Pack a few snacks and something to drink. If you are not traveling alone, you may want to switch drivers every so often as to get a break from driving.

Stop periodically to stretch; take an off-road break.


Grab those sunglasses, enjoy a safe trip, and have a wonderful vacation! 


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