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Heartfelt Clips & Healthy Tips: Weighing In and The Benefits of Drinking Water

I work in a rural area in Richmond County, which is on the border of Hitchcock Creek. We often see strange sights and various critters in this area. Where I work, our trucks are constantly coming and going, so we have large scales for them to pull onto to weigh in and out.

One morning I received a call from the lady who works in the guard-house/scale-house, asking me to look across the street. As I looked, I saw a full grown pig wandering around the scale lot. As this pig continued to wander and enjoy his freedom, it finally came to a complete stop on our scales. I guess it was time for his annual weigh-in! Shortly after weighing in, he went off on his merry way.

Another time while I was working on a spreadsheet, I heard a strange noise. I noticed a bird fly by as I looked out of my office window. There stood an employee yelling, waving her hands and jumping up and down at the end of the walkway. I walked over to the front door and saw a large black snake crawling out of our flower bed which was right beside the front door. Needless to say I did not take care of this situation myself, but instead called someone else to handle it. The employee rerouted the snake, and it crawled off into the unknown. Even pigs are conscious about their looks, and snakes like to visit!

The Benefit of Drinking Water

Since our body weight is approximately 60% water, we need to continually replenish it with water and foods that contain water. We lose water every day while breathing, sweating, and digesting food.

Water has numerous benefits, which include but are not limited to:

    •    Protecting our tissue, spinal cord, and joints

    •    Eliminates toxins from our body

    •    Prevents dehydration

    •    Healthier skin

    •    Protects the brain

    •    Helps maintain body PH balance in order to prevent and cure diseases

    •    Helps prevent high cholesterol

    •    Helps prevent heart disease and stroke

    •    Helps improve our vision


If you have trouble making yourself drink water, try adding a lemon or any other fresh fruit to give it a more appealing taste. Grab a glass and drink up!

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