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RichmondCC graduate completes Master’s degree at UNC-Charlotte

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Emily Joshi transferred to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte after completing an Associate in Arts at Richmond Community College. She recently completed her master’s degree at UNC-Charlotte. Emily Joshi transferred to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte after completing an Associate in Arts at Richmond Community College. She recently completed her master’s degree at UNC-Charlotte. RichmondCC

HAMLET — Emily Joshi of Kannapolis recently completed a Master of Science in Management from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where she also earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. However, there was a time in her life when her world came crashing down around her, and college lost its appeal.

Joshi, a native of Cheraw, South Carolina, graduated Cheraw High School in 2011. She was an excellent student and eager to enter the world of academia on a scholarship to Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina. In October of her sophomore year, her dad passed away, and she was overwhelmed by the loss.

“I wasn’t able to process that grief and remain in college far away from my family, so I withdrew and moved back home,” Joshi said.

After meeting her husband, Rahul, however, she began thinking about college again. At the time in 2016, they were living in Morven, and RichmondCC was just a short drive away. Plus, it had a nursing program, and she was considering becoming a registered nurse. Her plans changed when she realized that career wasn’t meant for her, so she met with her advisor at RichmondCC and was steered toward the Associate in Arts university transfer program.

“The task of earning 60 plus credits seemed daunting and overwhelming, but that feeling went away as soon as I took my first course,” she said. “RichmondCC gave me my confidence in academia back. I loved the atmosphere and dedication the staff showed the students. I felt like my professors believed in me and were eager to help everyone succeed, regardless of the extent of their goals.”

Going back to school had its challenges, though. Joshi was working part-time and managing her course work with a job wasn’t always easy. In her final semester of earning her associate degree in 2018, she and her husband moved to Concord, and she had over an hour commute for most of that semester. 

“RichmondCC also offered hybrid classes where I wasn’t required to be in class as often as other courses, and that really helped with my school and work life balance,” she said. “I always felt supported at RichmondCC. Staff remembered you, and the administrative departments were always accessible. Anytime I incurred a problem, it was quickly resolved.” 

Joshi also received the Pell Grant, which greatly helped with her college expenses such as books, course materials and travel costs. When it came time to figure out where to go after RichmondCC with her transferable degree, she received guidance from her instructors and other staff members.

“My application process transitioning to UNCC was incredibly smooth,” she said.

Joshi now has three college degrees under her belt. She is currently working on building a professional brand and translating it into a digital format. Her goal is to enter a career in marketing or project management.

When asked if she would recommend RichmondCC to others, she said “100 percent!”

“I can’t speak highly enough of RichmondCC. Matter of fact, my husband enrolled a few semesters after I did, and he will be receiving an Associate in Applied Science in Information Technology this summer,” she said. “RichmondCC gave me the support and community that I needed to get back into pursuing my education. I am grateful for the learning opportunities I received and the amazing professors that guided me through my journey, especially Dr. Angie Adams.”

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