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H3O Challenge Continues With Pancake Breakfast on Saturday Featured

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James Lyerly Holds His Son Hunter James Lyerly Holds His Son Hunter Photo Courtesy of Kim Lyerly

Hunter’s Quest Continues: Helping Hunter Help Others (H3O)


By C.K. Craven



Rockingham - With this fourth installment of continual media coverage of the “Helping Hunter Help Others” (H3O) challenge, Hunter Lyerly’s mom Kim reminds us all as to how thankful we should be for the blessings that God has bestowed upon us in the form of children.


No, they don’t have to be YOUR kids for you to be thankful that they are with us.  A reiteration of what Kim and her husband James went through a year ago should be sufficient to make us all realize that.


Succinctly stated, Hunter suffered a collapse of both lungs within hours of birth at FirstHealth Moore Hospital.  After a Life Flight to UNC Hospital, many prayers by his family and their friends, and the superb medical treatment that he received, Hunter made a miraculous recovery.


And now, thanks to the work of God and the medical professionals, Hunter is a happy, healthy little boy about to celebrate his first birthday on March 17th.


The major focus of this celebration – other than the obvious - will be a trek to Chapel Hill to express appreciation and gratitude for all that was done for Hunter and the Lyerlys during that trying time a year ago.


Kim notes that Hunter was on his second week’s stay at UNC Hospital when feelings of helplessness overcame her; she could do little more than stand by his incubator, praying for her newborn son’s recovery.


But with the help and support of everyone around them, Kim and James were steadfast in their faith in God’s work.  That “work” has now allowed them to rejoice in the changing of diapers and the late-night teething pains of an eleven-month old. 


“We have never been so happy to do so,” Kim says in relation to such “duties” that she and her husband again perform.  (They also have two daughters so it hasn’t been that long without a baby in the house.)  “After witnessing him having trouble breathing and then not even being able to breathe at all on his own, and us not being able to even touch or hold him for so long …. He is just a miracle with a testimony!”


And that testimony continues!  The H3O Challenge has been moving forward for a month now, with all donations of money and items to be delivered to the Ronald McDonald House and UNC Hospital on March 17th, Hunter’s first birthday!.


This Saturday, February 24th will present an excellent opportunity for anyone to not only donate to the cause, but also enjoy a delicious meal in the process.  Friends of the Lyerlys, Chris and Ashley Turner, are hosting a pancake breakfast on that day from 9-10 a.m. at the HWY 55 Restaurant.  Plates are $6 (including drink) and the Turners themselves are donating $2 to the H3O Challenge for every plate sold. Another family friend, Rusty Edwards, is likewise donating $1 for every plate sold, so the H3O Challenge Pancake Breakfast will effectively generate a 50% return on investment to help other children and their families who may find themselves in circumstances similar to what the Lyerlys suffered through.


There remains a wide variety of needs for both the Ronald McDonald House and the pediatrics unit at UNC Hospital.  “Upon talking recently to UNC, there is a need right now of more cleaning supplies and also personal hygiene items; however, all donations are welcomed,” says Kim.  She also notes that “there is a box for any monetary donations or gift cards that will go to the NICU/PICU Departments at UNC,” and that anyone who donates should make sure to “sign the lid of the donation box.”  Kim states that cards of encouragement are appreciated as well, if for no other reason than to let a family know that others DO care about them and their children. 

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