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T'is the Season - For Kittens and Puppies

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Rescued Kittens Awaiting Adoption Rescued Kittens Awaiting Adoption Photo by Robin Hewitt

ROCKINGHAM - Every day that I walk into the shelter, I hope I don’t find that more kittens or puppies have been dumped off (and it does feel like a “dumping ground” this time of year). 

Indeed, some have literally been dropped off in the dark of night when the shelter is closed. This isn’t necessary, but people still do it, in taped up boxes, cat carriers, etc.  You name it, they use it.

In the last six or seven weeks we have had six pregnant cats and five pregnant or “mama” dogs with their puppies come in, along with two or three other dogs who may be pregnant as well.

So, you might ask “Why?”

This is what happens: pet owners don’t get their cats and dogs “fixed” (i.e., spayed or neutered); the animals get pregnant; the owners no longer want them; so then they drop their pregnant pets off at the shelter for us to deal with.

It truly is kitten and puppy season. For those that don’t know, this is the time of year (spring and fall – longer hours of daylight) when female cats - also known as “queens” - go into estrus, or “heat.”  Female dogs, also known as a “bitch,” go into heat in the spring as well. Most “bitches” go into heat twice a year, depending on the breed.

I urge residents of Richmond County to use our Spay and Neuter Program. It is an affordable program for all income levels, so please call or come by the shelter and check into having your cats or dogs fixed.

It is so important, not only for the health of your pet, but also to avoid adding to the unwanted and euthanized animals in the world.


Editor's note: This article was contributed by Robin Hewitt, the newest addition to our talented team of writers at the Richmond Observer. 

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