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Talent flows from Next Generation Leahy during performance at Cole

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The Next Generation Leahy, a Canadian family performing Celtic music and dance, entertains the crowd at Cole Auditorium on April 11. See the RO's Facebook page for more photos. The Next Generation Leahy, a Canadian family performing Celtic music and dance, entertains the crowd at Cole Auditorium on April 11. See the RO's Facebook page for more photos. Betty McIntyre - Richmond Observer

HAMLET — Musical talent flowed naturally at Cole Auditorium Thursday, April 11 through a uniquely gifted family — The Next Generation Leahy. 

With the introduction of a powerful drum solo performed by 16-year old Gregory Leahy, five other talented Leahy children — ages 8 to 17 — step-danced onto the stage one by one, displaying the passion they have for music. 

The father, Doug Leahy, joined in playing the fiddle and mother Jennifer Leahy on the keyboard.

The Leahys displayed their rich talent of more than three generations through music, song, and dance as they captured the attention of the audience. 

They have released one CD and traveled around the world sharing their love for music. The children began learning music at a very early age and all have become multi-talented instrumentalists. 

Doug Leahy introduced the family as being from Canada and mentioned most of the musical style they perform is Celtic. 

All the children play at least three musical instruments. He also said they had three more children between the ages of 1 and 5 that weren’t old enough for the stage yet, which makes a total of nine children. 

Doug Leahy also mentioned the girls introducing him to a new style of music as more amazing musical talent was displayed in “It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie.” Twelve-year old Cecilia followed playing the fiddle with perfection in a piece she called “Call It Hamlet.”  

“They all truly do love music,” the father of the musical family said. “When they are just having fun, a lot of creative things come out; most of their learning is by ear.” 

Next up was the oldest daughter, 17-year-old Adele, singing “Cheek to Cheek,” which was her dad’s favorite jazz piece. 

“I don’t know if you realize what’s happening up here — I’m getting pushed out of a job,” he said jokingly. “Adele is always finding new and different things in music.” 

After the Slip Jig, some attendees gave a standing ovation —but when 11-year-old Joseph played the accordion, he had the entire audience standing. Gregory, the oldest son also played the French accordion, which he learned through Skype as his teacher lived eight hours away. 

“We travel as a family around the world and meet a lot of great people,” said Adele Leahy, whose favorite instruments are the fiddle and piano. 

The Leahys ended with “The Gathering” as Cecilia began the piece with step-dancing; Adele and Jennifer played keyboard; Doug chimed in on the fiddle; Gregory on drums; Joseph, 14-year-old Angus and 9-year-old Evelyn joined in the step-dancing. Adele stepped off the keyboard and Gregory off the drums as they all began step-dancing in sync at a lightning-fast pace. The piece concluded as they all came together playing fiddles while Jennifer played keyboard. 

The Leahys commented on feeling very welcomed in Richmond County and how the Cole staff spoiled them during their stay. They were also impressed and thrilled to be able to come back again, as their first performance at the Cole was around 10 years ago. 

They hope to be able to come back in the near future as their family continues to grow along with their talents and passion for music. 

For more information on The Next Generation Leahy, visit their website, 

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