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UNCP staff recognized for years of service

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UNCP staff recognized for years of service UNCP

PEMBROKE — UNC Pembroke recognized 95 employees who collectively have served the university and its students for 1,128 years.

Each was presented with a framed plaque and a gift during the annual Service Awards Ceremony on February 11. Before the names were called, Chancellor Robin Gary Cummings asked Charlene Locklear, Carol Hunt, Gale Sampson and Bobbie Scott to stand. They were each applauded for reaching their 30-year milestone for a collective 120 years of service.

After receiving her award as the only 35-year recipient, Lisa Schaeffer, vice chancellor for Student Affairs, was given a standing ovation for her dedication to the institution.

“To be part of the evolution of our university and be surrounded by others who are dedicated to ensuring the success and impact of UNCP for generations to come is remarkable,” Schaeffer afterward. “I am forever grateful for the professional journey and friendships forged along the way.”

Cummings expressed his gratitude to each of the recipients for their commitment to the university and students.

“You are impacting the lives of students who, with your help, can achieve their dream. Regardless if by choice or out of simple necessity, you are investing your life in an effort that will impact this university and region for decades to come.

“Whether you’ve been here five years or 35 years, I want to personally thank you for your service. This university is a special place, and without you, UNCP would not be what it is today,” the chancellor continued.

  • Employees recognized for five years of service are: James Crouch, Nursing Department; Erica Little, Healthy Start; Andrea Locklear, Healthy Start; Kristy Locklear, Healthy Start; Mary Beth Locklear, Office for Regional Initiatives; Phillip McArn, Healthy Start; Tina Rodgers, Office of Advancement; Chris Summers, GPAC; Chasity Barton, Financial Support Services; Michael Dimery, Physical Plant; Sidney Hughes, Controller's Office; Winter Locklear, Controller's Office; Ernest Nelson, Physical Plant; Amber Russ, Controller's Office; Ronnie Strickland, Business Services; John Brayboy, Police & Public Safety; Sandy Jacobs, Community and Civic Engagement; Rebecca Lewis, Housing and Residence Life; Herman Locklear, Housing and Residence Life; Ray Buehne, Division of Information Technology; Mary Parker, Physical Plant; Tony Wilson, University Communications and Marketing; Melinda Locklear, Budget Office; Peter Ornsby, Health and Human Performance; Brittany Sandefur, Office of Advancement; Marcellius Love, Physical Plant; Dalton Hoffer, Community and Civic Engagement; William Lindquist, Health and Human Performance; LeAnn Melvin, Center for Student Success; Betty Locklear, Physical Plant; Evelyn McNeill, Physical Plant; Chrissie Oxendine, Physical Plant; Terry Smith, Physical Plant; and Howard Jefferson, Health and Human Performance.
  • Employees recognized for 10 years of service are: Mark Hunt, Center for Student Success; Chad Locklear, GPAC; Christopher Bowyer, Library; William Deese, Housing and Residence Life; Nelson Locklear, Housing and Residence Life; Myia Reyes, Project 3C; Kindra Locklear, Division of Information Technology; Ken Brayboy, Division of Information Technology; Cheryl Harris, Counseling and Psychological Services; and Annette Straub, Enrollment Office.
  • Employees recognized for 15 years of service are: Justin Winans, Campus Recreation; Natayla Locklear, NC Health Careers Access Program; Nicky Bullard, Math and Computer Science Department; Alisha Monroe, Museum of Southeast American Indian; Shawnda Cummings, Accessibility Resource Center; Stephanie Hunt-Smiling, Financial Support Services; LaRhonda Chavis, Budget Office; Angela Revels, Human Resources; Mickey Hunt, Police and Public Safety; Channing Alred, Physical Plant; Tawanna Locklear, Physical Plant; Abdul Ghaffar, Campus Engagement and Leadership; Charles Kearney, Division of Information Technology; Terry Scott, Physical Plant; Gary Locklear, Physical Plant; James Rogers, Division of Information Technology; Terry Locklear; Distance Education; Kimberly Hunt, Office of Advancement; Billie Jones, Physical Plant; James Lewis, Division of Information Technology; William Gay, College of Arts and Sciences; and Joey Locklear, Auxiliary and Business Services;
  • Employees recognized for 20 years of service are: Amber Dial, Office of the Registrar; Von Breeden, Housing Administration; Brenda Jacobs, Social Belonging Student Success; Lisa Jacobs, Housing and Residence Life; Bryan Hunt, Physical Plant; Robert Britt, Facilities Planning; Mark Vesely, Physical Plant; Kimberly Locklear, Purchasing Office; Evelyn Cheek, Counseling and Psychological Services; Liz Cummings, Division of Information Technology; Ed Wittenberg, Housing and Residence Life; Pattie Dees, Physical Plant; and Derrick Locklear, Police & Public Safety.
  • Employees recognized for 25 years of service are: Janetta Cheek, The Graduate School; Valarie Deese, Office of Online Learning; Rodney Strickland, Division of Information Technology; Michael Parnell, Campus Recreation; Amelia Elk, Political Science and Public Administration; Wayne Locklear, Housing and Residence Life; Sharlene Locklear, Health and Human Performance; Vicky Dial-Jacobs, Library; and McDuffie Cummings, Police & Public Safety.
  • Employees recognized for 30 years of service are: Charlene Locklear, Office for Regional Initiatives; Carol Hunt, Housing and Residence Life; Gale Sampson, Biology Department; and Bobbie Scott, Academic Affairs. 
  • Recognized for 35 years of service was Lisa Schaeffer, Student Affairs.