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ROCKINGHAM — Nearly 1,900 Richmond County residents could have access to high-speed internet service in about two years, following the signing of an agreement Tuesday night.

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Roughly a year ago now, I spoke to the members of Gov. Roy Cooper’s broadband task force and noted how, from the viewpoint of anyone looking objectively at the issue of broadband access, the public-private partnership model advocated by NCLM is a “no-brainer.”

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HAMLET — If you receive an email from engineer Jason Dailey, it will most likely include his name in English and in Japanese characters. That’s because Dailey works for Japanese manufacturer FCC in Laurinburg.

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Helping women and minorities find their place behind the microphone and camera as broadcasters is commendable, but telling bureaucrats to monitor radio and television stations’ political leanings is a bridge too far. 

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