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Families’ fight against a discriminatory dress code will continue, but a court ruling in the case could have earth-shattering implications for students in North Carolina’s public charter schools.

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Thursday, 03 June 2021 13:15

OPINION: Will treason mania destroy America?

At the start of the Biden era, America is being torn apart by more allegations of treason than at any time since the Civil War. Historian Henry Adams observed a century ago that politics “has always been the systematic organization of hatreds.” And few things spur hatred more effectively than tarring all political opponents as traitors.

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Since 1920, the American Civil Liberties Union has generally upheld its mission to “defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States."

Of all the protections guaranteed in the Constitution, the right to due process is among the most sacred. It is this right that protects each of us from being held legally accountable should we be arbitrarily accused of a crime.

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