Betty Gallo McIntyre

Betty Gallo McIntyre

I work in a rural area in Richmond County, which is on the border of Hitchcock Creek. We often see strange sights and various critters in this area. Where I work, our trucks are constantly coming and going, so we have large scales for them to pull onto to weigh in and out.

By now most of us here in Richmond County have heard about Pastor James Brigman who lives in Rockingham and is walking to Washington, D.C. to raise awareness. The Brigman’s daughter, Lauren Faith is 9-years-old but at birth, only weighed a little over a pound. This required her to have constant care and left her in a fragile state for the rest of her life.

I’m sure many of you have encountered backyard critters. Living in the county and having thick brush behind my home, I also encounter these interesting creatures on a regular basis. A few weeks ago as I was cooking, I looked out of my kitchen window, which overlooks the entire backyard, and noticed several rabbits. Three of them chased each other around the yard, then two wandered off to continue on a different route as they played “catch me” while running around my barrel garden as their obstacle course. It was quite amusing to watch.

My oldest daughter, her husband and my two grand-babies live in Virginia Beach, so we communicate often through Facebook as well as phone and Skype. This past Saturday morning I got a call from her telling me about an interesting event that had just taken place. She was in the kitchen preparing breakfast while the children (Payton who is 5-years-old and Aaron who is 3) were playing in the living room building a fort.

I was recently talking with a friend of mine who has two young boys, one age 5 and one age 10. My friend plays in a band and sometimes travels. One afternoon he took his two sons to Raleigh with him to a studio. Both  of the boys are interested in music and were amazed as they listened and watched —they soaked it all in.

ROCKINGHAM - With the heat index around 101, all ages still showed up at the Plaza Jam to see The Entertainers. The 7 member group was founded in 1980 and originated in R&B as well as Beach Music. They also played a diverse selection to suit everyone, and encouraged people to get up and dance. They have played at some of the finest places in Myrtle Beach as well as along the East Coast, and they have their own albums.

Earlier this year, we had a stray dog appear at work. We named her Lady; she seemed to be a very smart dog. We posted on Facebook, but no one claimed her. We took care of her for a few days while asking around to see if anyone could take her home with them. Finally, we had a man that was willing to take Lady home to his 2 boys who had just lost a dog a few weeks earlier. Lady loved her new home with the 2 boys.

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