Betty Gallo McIntyre

Betty Gallo McIntyre

ROCKINGHAM -- Throughout the month of August, North Carolina Baptist Men (NCBM) will be hosting a series of regional mission rallies across North Carolina.


Children are a blessing to us in so many ways. It is interesting to watch and listen to them describe the way they view things in their innocence. One such time was when my daughter Jessica was getting ready to leave for a church function, and I received a text message from her. She proceeded to tell me that the women’s group at her church had a “Secret Sisters” group in which she had joined, and they were having a meeting that day. While getting ready to go to this meeting, she mentioned to her husband and her two children (daughter Payton, five years old and son Aaron, three years old) that she would soon be leaving for the “Secret Sisters” meeting. Her five year old daughter sincerely chimed in and said, “Mom I can go too since I am a sister?”

My oldest daughter Jessica and my grandbabies live in Virginia Beach, so I don’t get to see them very often. It had been four months since our last visit when they arrived this time. I couldn’t wait to see them, and as I began walking up to the door of the house to visit, I was greeted by both of them running up to me and giving me lots of nana hugs. After the hugs, we visited for a while. When it was time to leave I told them both I wish I could take them with me, but I had to get up really early to go to work. All that my three year old grandson heard me say was, “Take them with me.” He jumped up and stated with excitement, “I’m going to pack my backpack and go with you.” He rushed to collect all his items to throw in his backpack. About that time, my five year old granddaughter said, “I’m packing mine and coming with you too nana!” They both hurriedly began packing. Oh my, now I had to do something. I told them they need to see if their dad would come by in the morning around 6:30 am before I leave for work and pick them up, he instantly shook his head no. I guess that he wanted to sleep in, and I didn’t blame him for that. I was saddened as I had to tell them they could stay with me the next night because I didn’t have to go to work the next day. We enjoyed our overnight stay the next night, and we even got to sleep in! From now on to save heartache, I will watch how I word things around them because children can also have selective hearing.

The next day after work I picked them up, and they stayed overnight with me. I began getting caught up on all my hugs the next morning when we all awoke. After the “catching-up-on-hugs” they told me they were hungry, so off to the kitchen I went. They wanted watermelon and cereal, so being the wonderful nana that I am that is exactly what they got. A little while later they expressed their desire for more food. I asked them if they wanted scrambled eggs and the reply was “yes.” While I cooked the eggs, they sat at the kitchen table waiting on their third round of breakfast to be served. I watched from a distance as I cooked and listened to an intense conversation between this five year old and three year old. Aaron, age three asks his sister Payton, age 5 “Sissy, which animal are we going to be eating?” Payton responds, “They are from a chicken Aaron.” Aaron responds, “A chicken?” Payton, “Yes.” I serve them the eggs and they begin to eat. Aaron says, “Mmmm these eggs taste like pizza.” Payton calmly replies, “Aaron they come out of a chicken’s bottom.” She caught me off guard, and I had a good laugh as they continued to inhale the pizza flavored, chicken bottom eggs!


Most of us have already raised children or are in the process of raising them now. Children are naturally curious which causes them to explore. We, as the protectors of these little ones, must make sure their dwelling is safe.

Be sure to have child-proof latches on all cabinets and drawers that contain sharp items or cleaning products. Keep protective covers on all electrical outlets. Install extra slide locks or chain locks high up on doors to keep them from easily exiting the home. Keep all detergents and bleaches out of reach. Cover sharp corners of furniture to prevent a fall from causing major injury. Keep your child close by when going shopping or to a park. It only takes a minute for them to disappear, as they are quicker than we give them credit for being. Keep them away from hot stoves or outside fires. Teach them early on to stay away from roads; they are so small, drivers have trouble seeing them when they dart out in the road. Inspect playground equipment before allowing your child to play; rusted or broken equipment can be very dangerous. Always buckle your child into the appropriate car seat for their age before traveling. Always use extra caution when your child is playing in water and use appropriate floaties. If your home has stairs, use a child gate to keep them from falling down the stairs. Keep this nationwide poison control center phone number 1-800-222-1222 nearby in case you need it.

Children will be children, so we need to make sure we keep them as safe as possible.


ROCKINGHAM -- Dawn Grooms has participated in Richmond County Special Olympics (RCSO) since she was 10 years old; Dawn is now 49 years old. She competes in all the local competitions and has made it to the state level numerous times. When asked what her favorite game was, she stated “bocce.” Dawn has helped with many fundraisers for RCSO throughout the years, which includes Buddy Roe’s Bike Ride Fundraiser each May. This inspired Dawn to take the initiative to start a fundraiser on her own.


We have all experienced times in our lives when we’ve had to make difficult decisions. There is the question of the consequences of our choices, “Should I, or shouldn’t I?” If we never make a decision, we will never see a change. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to actually walk on water; it could be the choice of a hard decision. In the bible, Peter had this choice to make. Peter was an outspoken disciple with a strong personality, and he was faced with a decision which included having faith. Without believing Jesus was who Peter knew him to be, he would have never been able to have the faith to make the right choice as Jesus called him to “Come.” As Peter finally made the decision to step out of the boat, he used the faith that was planted deep in his spirit to trust the One whom he had his eyes upon.

Should I take that job? Should I sell my home and start over? Should I marry that person? Should I make that purchase? We are faced with numerous decisions during our lifetime, and we too need to have this trust in order to try to make the right choices. The bible tells us God will lead us in peace. As I have grown older, I’ve learned it’s this peace that I try to base my decisions upon. Let me clarify, there have been many times in which I didn’t follow the truth that was in my heart and each time things never worked out. We will all make mistakes, but that should NOT keep us from continuing to try. Some of the strongest people in the bible made horrible mistakes, but through perseverance they eventually made the right choices. God knows none of us are perfect, no not one! He loves us too much to allow us to continue to stay in a dry, stagnant place. So when you have a chance to make a change for the better, take that step of faith, trust God and venture out on the water! 


While we are still in the peak season of vacationing, a lot of us will be driving to our destinations. To avoid unnecessary stress, plan ahead. Preset your destination if you use a GPS; avoid using cell phones while car is in operation. Before hopping in that car to enjoy a getaway, you need to make sure it is safe. Be sure to check all your fluids; you do not want to be stranded on the side of the road due to a lack of oil. Clean your windshield as well as checking the wipers, as I have learned the hard way how important good wipers are when there is a downpour. Also check the treads and pressure in your tires before you leave; good tires are critical for traveling. Pack your belongings as to leave an open view from your rear view mirror, you need to be able to see clearly; also set your side view mirrors. If you are traveling with children, make sure you have something handy to keep them content. Pack a few snacks and something to drink. If you are not traveling alone, you may want to switch drivers every so often as to get a break from driving.

Stop periodically to stretch; take an off-road break.


Grab those sunglasses, enjoy a safe trip, and have a wonderful vacation! 

HAMLET -- Very few people can say they have won a world championship; nonetheless, an accomplished 19-year-old Jamie Graham arrived back in his hometown of Hamlet Monday afternoon after claiming the World Championship of Cornhole this past weekend.

As there is much happening in the world today to steal our joy, I recently pondered on the thought of things that make me smile. Spending time with friends was one thought that came to my mind, and I remembered this story.

You are Never Alone

There have been many times in my life when I have been surrounded by people, but have felt so alone. In times such as these, I had to focus my thoughts on what I knew, not how I felt. Even though my human nature often struggles to take over, I am a firm believer in what God says is true and that prayer works! Through situations too numerous to mention, I’ve seen the results of prayer and seen the hand of God move in my life as well as others.

In one situation when I was about eight months pregnant with my second child, I experienced one such miracle. At the time, we lived in a single wide trailer with a bedroom on each end. My husband worked out of town for a few weeks at the time, so I was often left alone with my youngest daughter Jessica who was then four years old.

I let Jessica sleep with me while her dad was out of town since her bedroom was on the other end of the home. One night after going to bed, we had a terrible storm. When it woke me up, I began to pray as I held Jessica tightly. While praying, a very loud noise came over us during the storm; I felt the trailer start to move like it was lifting. I earnestly continued to pray and within a minute or two, the storm settled.

The experience left me shaking as I prayed not to go into labor. And it took me a while to go back to sleep, but I finally had peace of mind and fell asleep. The next morning, we awoke to several tree branches that were down all around our trailer. What really caught my attention was a large tree that was behind our trailer which was totally uprooted! Apparently, there had been a tornado right over our home, which miraculously was kept from touching down on us. The tree also missed damaging our home. I believe Jessica and I were not alone that night, and the hand of God had protected us.

When you feel like you are all alone, be of good cheer; though storms may rage, there is one who is always there for you. You are never alone.

Healthy Plants for the Home


As humans, we spend most of our time indoors, so air quality is important. There are many toxic compounds in our homes such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene, as well as indoor pollution caused by pollen, bacteria, or mold.

Plants absorb particles in the air as they take in carbon dioxide, then it is processed into oxygen through photosynthesis. There are also microorganisms which are associated with the plants present in the potting soil. These microbes are responsible for much of the purification.

Below are some plants that will help purify the air inside your home.

    •    Bamboo Palm which grows between 4 – 12 feet tall

    •    Peace Lily which is very easy to care for and a super indoor air cleaner

    •    Dracaena has many air cleansing benefits

    •    Garden Mum

    •    Spider Plants which are also very easy to care for

    •    Ficus or Weeping Fig, which grows between 2-10 feet tall

    •    Boston Fern

    •    Snake Plant has many benefits

    •    Aloe Vera which can also be used as a topical on skin for wounds


Overall, plants just make us feel better physically as well as mentally, so why not make a trip to the nearest garden center and begin the purification process?

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Richmond County History: Steele's Mills

CORDOVA — One of the oldest facilities in Richmond County is still operating in Cordova, North Carolina.

Christmas Cheer


About two years ago when it was close to Christmas, I got a phone call from my daughter Jessica. As I spoke to Jessica, I could hear a commotion in the background. My granddaughter Payton, who was 3-years-old at the time, was chomping at the bits to tell me something. Jessica handed the phone to her as she proceeded to tell me she was going to see Santa Clause. I could sense the excitement in her voice as she went through her “What I want Santa to get me list.”

I work in a rural area in Richmond County, which is on the border of Hitchcock Creek. We often see strange sights and various critters in this area. Where I work, our trucks are constantly coming and going, so we have large scales for them to pull onto to weigh in and out.

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