Rebecca Pierce

Rebecca Pierce

As any first-time parent knows, the process of having a child is one of the most exciting, exhilarating, yet simultaneously terrifying experiences that a person can go through.

ROCKINGHAM – Dreams of success and feelings of hope filled the minds of hundreds of high school students from across the state Friday as the North Carolina State Beta Club convention got underway in Greensboro. 

ROCKINGHAM – As instructors in America’s modern education system, the teachers of Richmond County Schools strive each day to prepare their students to become productive members of a 21st century society.  Whether it is a four-year university, a technical college, an entrance into the job force or a career in the military, preparation for a life after high school is a priority for teachers from kindergarten to high school.

ROCKINGHAM – Bump, set, spike.  The Gay Garris Rhyne charity volleyball tournament is just days away.

ROCKINGHAM – Things most women love: chocolate, diamonds, and of course, a fun night out with the ladies.

HAMLET – Reduce.  Reuse.  Recycle.  A common slogan that children across the globe are taught to understand during elementary school, yet one that is seldom practiced with consistency in Richmond County.

ROCKINGHAM – Within today’s world of social media dominance, information about all of the highs, lows, and laughs of a person’s day are being shared faster, and to a wider audience than ever before, leading to the creation of the viral video era.

ROCKINGHAM – As February 4 draws near, the stakes continue to grow exponentially.  Millions of Americans each week find themselves with their hearts broken and dreams of their team taking home a Super Bowl title dashed, while others find themselves filled with joy over their team’s remarkable success. 

ROCKINGHAM – The Richmond County Chamber of Commerce’s “Connections After Five” event series got off to a smooth start Thursday night as dozens of local business leaders gathered for the first event of the year.

ROCKINGHAM – Nearly every food eaten, item bought, and product used results in the creation of some amount of waste.  When thought about, everything from the cardboard boxes and styrofoam forms designed to protect items during shipping, to fast food wrappers, even down to the fingernail sized sticker on an orange are examples of trash.

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