Rebecca Pierce

Rebecca Pierce

ROCKINGHAM – One of the many benefits that the Richmond County Chamber of Commerce is able to provide to its members is the opportunity to network and form connections with dozens of fellow local business owners. 

ELLERBE – It is amazing how sometimes things in life can go almost exactly as planned. But sometimes, life decides to throw a curve ball, and even the best laid plans strike out.

ROCKINGHAM – Every year, right around this time, it seems that people develop a strong craving for crisp, white, powdery snow.  Although many times this craving goes unquenched, this past weekend, many North Carolina residents got exactly what they asked for.

ROCKINGHAM – Imagine huddling tightly with loved ones as the eye of a hurricane ravages the building surrounding you.  Then imagine emerging from this shelter to discover feet of standing water in places there had never been water before.  Seeing powerlines strewn across streets and sidewalks like a maze of deadly vines.  Or even discovering that the very roof overhead had been wiped clean of shingles.

RICHMOND COUNTY – Every year, the nation takes a day off of work and school during the cold days of January to honor the life and accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  He was A man who made it his life’s mission to unify and motivate people to better the world around them through sit ins, marches, and his iconic “I Have a Dream” speech.

ROCKINGHAM – Christmas has come and gone, the crystal ball has dropped, and a new year has officially commenced.  And while the first week of a new year gets underway, millions of people are setting out, determined to make their resolutions stick, and striving to turn their ideas into an improved reality.

ROCKINGHAM – Culture builder, team player, and lifelong learner.  These are three character traits that can be used to describe Richmond Senior High School Principal Jim Butler.

ROCKINGHAM – Passed down furniture, questionably valuable collectibles, old clothing that can’t quite be parted with, and relics from years past - all things that people traditionally keep in their storage lockers.  But at 2206 Fayetteville Road in Rockingham, within one of American Storage Company’s largest units, Errol Hood houses something very different. 

ROCKINGHAM – Individuals driving through downtown Rockingham in recent weeks may have noticed a few things.  Perhaps they noticed the street lights, festively adorned with lights and wreaths, or maybe they noticed the perfectly poised reindeer stationed as if they're there to greet all who enter downtown.  Or, possibly, their attention was grabbed by the towering Christmas tree that now stands in the town square.


HAMLET – It seems like only last week that members of the Richmond County Chamber of Commerce gathered at Richmond Memorial Hospital with their endeared guests to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal and welcome in the holiday season.

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