Matt Harrelson

Matt Harrelson

Decades from now, you'll be hard-pressed to recall that Vladimir Guerrero Jr. was actually not the official winner of the 2019 Home Run Derby.

For eight years, Kemba Walker was Charlotte Hornets basketball.

He loved the city, and the fans loved him back. Despite being able to ask out whenever he wanted, Walker was loyal to the city and the franchise that took a chance on him as an undersized bucket-getter out of UConn.

My topic for this week is actually old news. Matter of fact, the news was announced a month ago, but looking back on my columns, I seemed to have strayed away from my favorite sport as the "Dog days of Summer" approach.

Major League Baseball games are lasting longer and longer these days, despite attempts from Commissioner Rob Manfred to speed up the game. According to Baseball Reference, the average length of a game has increased from two hours and 51 minutes in 1990 to over three hours so far this year.

In Game 5 of the NBA Finals, Kevin Durant returned to action after being sidelined for a month with a calf injury. The series was heavily in the Toronto Raptors' favor, leading 3-1 at the time, but the Warriors hoped Durant could help lift them to a comeback much like the Cavaliers' comeback in the 2016 Finals.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019 14:03

RichmondCC to host yoga class for kids

HAMLET -- All across Richmond County, if there is a yoga class being taught, chances are Ashleigh Arey is in charge.

ROCKINGHAM — North Carolina Superior Court Judge Tanya Wallace has served in the field of law for quite some time, and come Aug. 1, that field will be down one less professional.

Wallace announced Thursday morning that she will be officially retiring, effective July 31.

Sports such as boxing and MMA are widely known to be dangerous. 

They can cause permanent injuries that range from ligament tears to more serious ones like chronic traumatic encephalopathy, otherwise known as CTE, which can cause dementia, mood swings, depression and a reduced mental capacity.

Adults know and understand the risks, which is why they should be allowed to participate freely. However, children don't develop their higher reasoning skills until much later in life and can't be trusted to understand the risks.

HAMLET — Although the circus is an event that seems to be fading into history, one night in September will help bring back the nostalgia of 1920s Coney Island.

Wednesday, 05 June 2019 17:27

Hamlet native appears on 'Wheel of Fortune'

CULVER CITY, Calif. — Fans of the long-running show "Wheel of Fortune" may have noticed that a Richmond County native was spinning the wheel and answering puzzles Monday night in Los Angeles.

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