C.K. Craven

C.K. Craven

The first African-American to rise to officer level in association with the United States Marine Corps was from Hamlet. 

Tuesday, 25 February 2020 16:08

John Coltrane: Hamlet's contribution to jazz

One of the most influential musicians in jazz history was (technically) from Hamlet.  Saxophonist and composer John William Coltrane was born in his parents’ apartment at 200 Hamlet Ave. on Sept. 23, 1926 and, though he moved with his family to High Point less than two years later, his birthplace is acknowledged by the North Carolina Historical Commission with a roadside commemorative plaque on Spring Street.

Sunday, 20 January 2019 19:51

Howl at the moon — and watch it disappear

The night of Sunday, Jan. 20 and into the early morning of Monday, Jan. 21 is of particular excitement for anyone interested in astronomy.  

While they may not literally “steal Christmas” per se, “Grinches” seem to be alive and well across the country during the holiday season — especially in the Carolinas.  

Most of the Western world now recognizes Jan. 1 as “New Year’s Day,” but, just as is true with the majority of our American holidays and customs, the history of how we came to acknowledge and commemorate this particular date as the commencement of a new year is a bit less than straightforward.

Yet another perspective regarding the date of the birth of Jesus is the practical application of noted events, specifically the implementation of the Roman census and the collection of taxes.

As the actual date of the birth of Jesus has been debated throughout the centuries, there have been proposals to alter the recognized celebration away from the arguably arbitrary Dec. 25.  

Wednesday, 26 December 2018 14:38

Christmas history Part II: When was Jesus born?

One perspective regarding the birth date of Jesus is that, according to early Christian thought, the Annunciation (when Mary was informed of the impending birth of a “very special” child) occurred on March 25, so the nine-month gestation period would lead to an approximate birth date of Dec. 25.

Tuesday, 25 December 2018 17:36

Christmas history Part I: When was Jesus born?

When was Jesus born? 

Why, Dec. 25 of Year One, you say? 

Golden Age of Piracy: Top 10 Countdown Part X

This is Part A of the tenth and final installment of a series focusing upon the ten most successful pirates (as determined by the estimated total value of their combined hauls) of the Golden Age of Piracy (generally considered to have begun around 1700 and ended with the killing of Barthlomew “Black Bart” Roberts in 1722).

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