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Contributed Story

ROCKINGHAM - As part of the ongoing mission of the Richmond Observer to provide expansive coverage of current events, we offer the following news release from State Representative Ken Goodman:

Please take appropriate steps right now to protect yourself, your family and your property from the potential impact of Hurricane Florence.  Pay attention to local weather advisories and tune into local news media outlets for bulletins and information on the hurricane. 

During this storm, I will suspend my campaign activities until the storm passes.

ROCKINGHAM — A burned-out hotel that some in Richmond County have deemed an “eyesore” should soon start showing signs of revival. 

Owners of the Regal Inn — along with their architect, engineer and general contractor — met Aug. 15 with city officials for a hearing, according to Building Inspector Tim Combs.

“The city had had enough complaints that we had to move forward and they had to move forward, also,” he said Tuesday afternoon. “It had sat there long enough.”

Friday, 24 August 2018 05:02

A Tribute to Friendship

RALEIGH - A Tribute to Friendship:

To the Friend of My Youth: To Kitty

By: Kate Chopin (1850-1904)

"It is not all of life

To cling together while the years glide past.

It is not all of love

To walk with clasped hands from first to last.

That mystic garland which the spring did twine

Of scented lilac and the new-blown rose,

Faster than chains will hold my soul to thine

Thro' joy, and grief, thro' life--unto its close."

CHAPEL HILL - This missive was received from Joey Davis, Republican candidate for the NC House of Representatives (District 66):

I am deeply saddened by last night's events in Chapel Hill.

ROCKINGHAM - As part of the ongoing mission of the Richmond Observer to provide expansive coverage of current events, breaking news and/or items of immediate interest garnering attention across the state and/or nation, we offer these specific links that relate to reflections on life in general - and "regrets" in particular - as compiled by Patrick Allan of

ROCKINGHAM - Two rising juniors started school a bit early this year as they joined the class of 2020 at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) August 11. Robert (Kevin) Aiken and Joshua (JJ) Bruce set their sights on NCSSM admission as ninth graders, taking the most challenging courses, earning honors and taking the SAT as sophomores. 

A constituent institution of the University of North Carolina system, NCSSM was the first of its kind in the US-- a two-year, public residential high school focused on technology, science and math. Located in Durham, tenth grade North Carolinians are eligible to apply for the coveted positions through a competitive review process.

ROCKINGHAM – According to FEMA, there have been 59 fatalities from house fires in the state this year. 

Richmond County has been fortunate, according to Fire Chief Harold Isler. The county had no fatalities or injuries in the 548 calls that Rockingham’s fire services answered last year. 

Even so, there are a few measures that residents can take to continue that trend and help keep their loved ones and property safe.

Thursday, 26 July 2018 05:03

The Catawba Worm Tree: Part II

CONCORD - We all have memories of the summers of our childhood.  The sun rose early, the days were long, and we could play outside until dark.  But, of all my summer memories, my most cherished is of the time I spent with my Uncle Dan at the Catawba Worm Tree. 

For several weeks in early summer, Uncle Dan and I met each morning at the tree; first to see if there were worm eggs, and then to wait for them to hatch.  

Now that the eggs had hatched I worried if Uncle Dan would still come to the tree each morning.  I waited on the front porch hoping to see him walking down the driveway to the tree. When I did, I was overjoyed and rushed out to join him.

ROCKINGHAM – The youth baseball team sponsored by Rockingham Fire Department wrapped up a successful season with a team party at their sponsor’s home, the Lawrence Street Firehouse. 

On Tuesday, July17th, the fire department hosted the 11 players from the Rockingham Parks and Recreation nine and 10 year-old division and their families to celebrate the team taking the title for the regular season. The boys finished with a nine and two record but were eliminated from the tournament in the first round.

Friday, 20 July 2018 05:04

All The World’s A Stage

WILMINGTON - Ed was nervous. 

Today’s performance was going to be the biggest of his career and he knew he would just die if it didn’t go well. 

The same sentiment applied to the other two members currently riding with Ed on the way to the venue. 

Their vehicle, which Ed was navigating, was packed to the brim with all the various props and instruments the group would need to perform properly.

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