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Contributed Story

ROCKINGHAM - An anonymous "Letter to the Editor" was recently forwarded to the attention of the Richmond Observer.  While there is certainly nothing unusual about such an occurrence, this particular missive was deemed appropriate for a Monday morning as we commence yet another week of whatever life may present.  It is posted below with no editorial alterations (beyond technical requirements), as is our policy.  You may wish to reflect upon these "pearls of wisdom" as you consider what it really means to live in Richmond County, North Carolina.

RICHMOND COUNTY - From April 26th-30th two high school students from Richmond Country traveled to Boston Massachussetts to participate in a Moose Lodge Youth Awareness scholarship competition.

High school senior Latasha Baker and state winner and high school junior Kyle Goodwin were two of the three high school students from North Carolina, alongside Victoria Owens from Elizabeth City, chosen to participate in the competition.

RICHMOND COUNTY - Richmond Senior High School senior student Cameron McDonald recently received a scholarship from the Methodist University Full-Tuition Music Scholarship fund.  This stipend is ostensibly valued at up to $180,000 and serves to recognize Cameron for his superior skills in music.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018 05:06

RSHS student Paola Zenteno wins car

ROCKINGHAM - Excitement filled the air as Friday was the day that every Richmond Senior High student filed into the gym to see who would win a car.  Jeff Dieffenbach and Dieffenbach Chevrolet/GM Superstore for the 13th year donated a car that a RSHS student would win.

WILMINGTON - Baseball at the turn of the 20th century is typically highlighted by the era’s most celebrated players, including Honus Wagner (the subject of one of the most valuable baseball cards in existence) and Cy Young (whose name graces the annual award for the game’s best pitcher).  However, a third player alongside Wagner and Young was just as talented and arguably even more popular at the time.

CONCORD - This week, May 7th – 11th, the United States will celebrate the 33rd official Teacher Appreciation Week to honor teachers all over the country. While 1985 marked the first federally recognized day to honor teachers, the history of teacher appreciation runs far deeper.

HAMLET - The 2018 Senior Games of Richmond County held its closing ceremonies at the Hamlet Senior Center on the evening of Monday, April 30 after two weeks of a variety of sports, board games, art, stage performances, and delicious meals and healthy snacks. 

ROCKINGHAM - Citizens of Richmond County celebrated the National Day of Prayer at the Richmond County Courthouse on Thursday, May 3 at 12 noon.

Friday, 04 May 2018 05:04

Animal Shelter: Fact vs. Fiction

ROCKINGHAM - § 19A-32.1. Minimum holding period for animals in animal shelters: public viewing of animal’s shelters; disposition of animals.

ROCKINGHAM - Every day that I walk into the shelter, I hope I don’t find that more kittens or puppies have been dumped off (and it does feel like a “dumping ground” this time of year). 

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