Jordan Lester

Jordan Lester

As 2021 pushes into February, the first film in HBO Max’s series of titles releasing in theaters and on HBO Max simultaneously has hit.

Nearly a year has passed since A24-distributed "Saint Maud," the directorial debut for Rose Glass, was supposed to be released in theaters. But this past weekend a limited run of the psychological horror film hit some theaters across the country, with a wide-VOD release coming mid-February.

"Spell" is the seventh film in the Paramount Players studio history, a subsidiary of Paramount Pictures that was created due to Comedy Central stars Jordan Peele (director of “Get Out” and former star of “Key & Peele”) and Amy Schumer (star of “Trainwreck” and formerly behind the show “Inside Amy Schumer”) moving their talents to work with Universal studios after feeling unwelcome by the former management at Paramount. 

After eight films and countless controversies, infamous cinema cognoscente Quentin Tarantino has released his ninth and second-to-last film, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”

After six years and five different films, the “Conjuring” producers have decided to revisit the coveted cash cow known as “Annabelle.”