Home Lifestyle Kool Kakes offers opportunity for young crafters with Kids Market

Kool Kakes offers opportunity for young crafters with Kids Market

Emma G. Watts sells her soaps for donations at Kool Kakes' Kids Market on Sept. 9. Watts donates all of her proceeds to the Richmond County Sheriff's Office's "Shop with a Deputy" program. See more photos below. Photos by Sommer Martin

ROCKINGHAM — Young entrepreneurs brought their creativity and passion to life at Kool Kakes Bakery on Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. While the bakery tantalized taste buds with its usual delectable treats and special drinks, a dynamic group of vendors, aged 7 to 14, showcased an exciting array of products.

Lewis Batton, a remarkable 8-year-old, beamed as he shared his homemade crafts, the result of two days of dedicated preparation exclusively for the kids’ market.

Liberty Sellers, a crafting virtuoso with a couple of years of experience under her belt, presented a delightful selection of crocheted items, including coasters, animals, bookmarks, and beaded bracelets. Her talent had previously graced other venues.

Jessa Brooks, inspired by a summer camp friend, revealed a passion for crafting colorful rubber band bracelets that adorned her display.

Isaiah Martin, explained that he called his business Slime and Shine, and offered homemade slime and all-purpose cleaner. With plans to expand into home decor items, he shared the surprising challenge of the time it takes to create slime.

Author Shannon Haywood made her presence felt with copies of her book, “Hope Flies High,” ready to be autographed and cherished.


Jacob’s Exxxxtraordinary Dog Treats pleased those with furry friends with locally sourced honey-infused treats.

This business name carries a unique story: Jacob has a chromosomal condition known as 49XXXXY, which makes his venture even more special.

His mom played a pivotal role in helping him start this business, providing him with a purpose and potential livelihood he might not find in a regular job. He sells his dog treats both through his Facebook page and at the bakery, making a positive impact on the community while pursuing his passion.

Meanwhile, Emma G’s Soap Shack delighted visitors with a kaleidoscope of scents and colors that awakened the senses. A noteworthy aspect of Emma’s Soap Shack is her dedication to charity. She operates on a donation-only basis, with all proceeds and donations supporting the “Shop with a Deputy” program. Deputies take underprivileged children Christmas shopping, ensuring they have a memorable holiday season. Emma Watts sells her soaps both at the bakery and through her Facebook page, contributing to this heartwarming cause.

Click here to read about last year’s donation.

Bambi Pantore, co-owner of Kool Kakes Bakery, revealed that this event marked the second installment of their Kids Market series, following the successful August edition. She also expressed that she and Jennifer Thomas, the other co-owner, have a vision to make these markets a monthly tradition at the beginning of each month, offering young entrepreneurs in Richmond County a fantastic opportunity to nurture their businesses, improve their marketing prowess, enhance their customer service skills, and even sharpen their math acumen.

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