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Loaves, Fishes & Flowers??

Lucy Allen

And they said unto him, we have here but five loaves, and two fishes. Matthew 14:17

Mother’s Day was  tomorrow and I’d forgotten all about getting the 50 carnations we normally present to all the mothers in church on Mother’s Day.  I’d been concerned with figuring out my arrangements for the weekend…who was coming home or were my husband & I headed off to our son & daughter in law’s home in South Carolina.  I was totally self-absorbed! 

My phone rang fairly early on Saturday morning.  It was our choir director asking if I’d gotten flowers! Well, I had to confess that, no I had not.  But I quickly offered to call the local florist just up the road, who is always happy to help me out.  She had them, all the carnations I needed!  When I arrived at the shop to pick them up, she told me that there were only 44 carnations, so we completed the 50 stems with 6 Gerber daisies.  Perfect, I thought, so right on to the church I went to leave the flowers in the water bucket until the next morning. 

As I went into the Sunday School building that next morning, I stopped to ask our youth if they would pass them out when we came to that point in the service and then I went over to prepare the blooms for display in the sanctuary. 

Our little church was packed for the 11:00am service and I began to sweat…would there be more mothers than flowers?  I whispered a little prayer and asked Jesus to please make this work out.  I couldn’t bear the thought of a mother with no flower.  We decided to give out all the carnations first, and use the daisies only if needed.  All flowers delivered, I asked if every mother in the sanctuary received a flower and found to my delight that EVERY mother in the worship service that morning got a flower and we had only used 1 daisy!  


To wrap up that portion of our service, I told the congregation, “I don’t know why I doubted.  If Jesus could bless 5 loaves and 2 fish to feed 5,000 men, certainly He would bless our flowers!”

Read the story of the loaves and fish in Matthew’s gospel chapter 14:13-21 and maybe you too will wonder why we always seem surprised or have that feeling of “I don’t believe it!”  Believe it, He will perform it!

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