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Mood Boosters: Adding Color to Your Wardrobe

Jewyll Pearce

The one thing I look forward to during the change of seasons are what fabulous colors will be trending on the Pantone’s color report. It’s a great color guide to follow for color inspiration, but no matter how beautiful the colors are, I always tend to fall right back into that color rut…yes the color “black”! How many can relate to this?

All my friends know that black is my favorite “color-go-to” for any occasion, and I literally could wear it everyday. That is not neccesarily a bad thing.  Even though the color black is known to show a certain level of power and confidence, it also can be a “Debbie Downer” on the mood which in turn can affect our daily interaction with people, not to mention the effect it has on our mindset.

What if I told you that one of the easiest ways to change your mood and mindset is simply by changing the colors you choose to wear. Many of our responses to color are subconscious; we do not even realize the effect on our mood. Studies have shown that different colors do have a different effect on the mood. Certain colors, such as red, have been found to be energizing, causing the body to pump out more adrenaline, while others, such as blue, can have a calming effect on the mind.

So what colors actually do something for your mood? Let me address a few colors that can inspire our mood and our surroundings. Red is a strong stimulant, which can give you more confidence and energy. The color is great for drawing attention and showing your passion, and it’s the perfect color for dates!


If you want something a little less intense, then you should opt for orange. It’s going to add energy to your step, but in a bit more soothing style compared to red. Orange is also perfect for feeling positive and focusing on the bright side of life. Another obvious bright color is, of course, yellow. This color can offer the perfect pick-me-up for a bad day and if it is all grey and rainy outside, add some glow to your look.

The above colors mentioned encourage a positive energy, while yet there are other colors that can also boost confidence.  For those stressed out at moments, try adding the color green to your style. It is refreshing, associated with nature, and has a calm and soothing effect on your mood. Another color for mood boosting is purple. It is sophisticated and luxurious. It does something for your intuition and thinking abilities. Finally, try the color pink; it’s known to calm and inspire happiness.  And yes guys, there’s nothing wrong with you wearing this color. Real men wear pink!

The key to mastering adding color to your wardrobe can be simple. I have learned that adding a bright color to my favorite “go-to-color” which is black works best for me. There may be other colors that you choose to wear that does the trick. It does not have to be clothing. You can always opt for a colorful pair of heels, like the color pink…which pairs well with that little black dress and makes you feel happier instantly.  And don’t forget about the power of accessories. Jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, and even nail polish can be a great addition to boosting your mood.

So the next time you are feeling anxious or having a dull moment, remember to add a pop of color to your outfit and you will soon notice the difference and so will others!

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