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Motivation With Mac: Transforming from Within

Often times, when we think of transforming something, it is something dealing with a physical change. We transform our bodies, our hair, our homes, and so on and so forth. Very seldom do we consider transforming our minds our hearts, something that we can’t necessarily see or touch; but isn’t that where true transformation begins?

It is when you change the heart and mind, that you see the best results. Think about it; when someone is trying to lose weight, dieting never works. You can’t do a quick fix and expect it to last for a while. Anytime, someone is trying to transform their bodies, it has to be a lifestyle change.

You have to be selective in your eating choices, incorporate exercise, and increase your water intake. You have to avoid bad habits, and sometimes, certain people and places. And if you want to keep the weight off, you have to maintain these practices. You can’t just do it for six months and then go back to all you old habits, otherwise you will find yourself in the same place that brought you to the point of seeking transformation. 

Any transformation, regardless of what you’re trying to accomplish, has to take place in your heart and mind first in order to maintain the upkeep. The moment your mind tells you that it’s okay to give in, is when the body starts to feel weak. Your mind and your heart are what gives you strength, otherwise you will continue to act on impulse and desire.

This brings up a second question: why do we transform? Usually a transformation takes place once you get to a crossroad, or down to the bottom of a pit. It is a point in which we don’t know which way to go or how to go up or get out. While some people transform to make what’s good in their lives better, most of us transform to make what’s worst, to be good. One thing I’ve learned in this journey of living, is that trying times build character.


A lot of us like results, but don’t like to go through the process. When life beats us down, we complain instead of realizing that the biggest triumph comes to the underdog. We may cheer for the team that may always win, but we cheer harder and louder for the team that loses all season and then comes back to win the an important game.

It’s the process that makes winning that much sweeter, and it’s the losing that makes the victory that much more glorious. We have to be comfortable with losing because our mind is getting stronger. Nothing seems impossible anymore when you get beat down and still are able to obtain your goals.

No one notices the transformation when it’s subtle. A transformation, by definition is, “a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance,” and it must begin in the heart and the mind, where no one can see it. 

Some song lyrics for you to remember: “it’s something on the inside working on the outside, oh, what a change in my life.”  So, when someone says to you that the glass is half empty, change the size of the glass and you will realize it’s full again, and it all starts in the mind!

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