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NCDHHS Livestream Cafecito andTele-Town Hall: Supporting men’s health & the LGBTQ+ community

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RALEIGH — The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services will host a live Cafecito and Spanish-language tele-town hall on Thursday, June 8, from 6 to 7 p.m., to discuss the importance of talking about health for men and the LGBTQ+ community and provide resources and guidance to support health and well-being.

Event participants include:

  • Yazmin Garcia Rico, MSW, Director of Latinx and Hispanic Policy and Strategy, NCDHHS
  • Crister Brady, M.D., MPH, Family Physician, Prospect Hill Community Health Center
  • Orlando Martinez, LGBTQ+ Community Specialist, El Centro Hispano

Around one in five men do not discuss their health with anyone, and more than half of men do not have regular health check-ups or screenings. Hispanic adults — men in particular — are also less likely than others to have seen a health care professional within the past year. There are several diseases that disproportionately impact Hispanic men, and routine health visits are essential to diagnose and manage these conditions. Hispanic men are more likely than any other group to be diagnosed with diabetes and are also more likely to have uncontrolled blood pressure. Additionally, one in three Hispanic men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. The risks of COVID-19-related and other respiratory virus-related complications are greater among people who have conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. Regular check-ups and screenings can be lifesaving.

Cafecito and tele-town hall panelists will discuss the following:

  • Importance of routine health visits, vaccines and preventative care
  • How to find support for physical and mental health in the community
  • Ways to uplift health for men and the LGBTQ+ community
  • Resources to increase access to health services and eliminate disparities

People who are LGBTQ+ also face challenges in getting quality health care. More than one in three Hispanic LGBTQ+ people say they have had a negative experience with a health care provider in the past year, and more than one in 10 say their provider would not treat them because they are LGBTQ+.

Resources are available across North Carolina to support and connect Hispanic, Latin and LGBTQ+ communities with local health care providers, education and support as part of ongoing efforts to reduce health disparities.


The Cafecito will stream live from the NCDHHS Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts, where viewers can submit questions. The event also includes a tele-town hall, which invites people by phone to listen in and submit questions. People can also dial into the event by calling (855) 756-7520 Ext. 94353#.

NCDHHS’ Cafecito’s and tele-town halls are part of the state’s ongoing public efforts to ensure equitable access to timely health information, resources and vaccines, and eliminate health disparities.

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