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New Samarcand Academy dining hall is part of recipe for premier public safety training experience


JACKSON SPRINGS — Department of Public Safety Secretary Erik A. Hooks and other state officials today officially dedicated the new dining hall at Samarcand Training Academy in a ribbon-cutting ceremony held in Moore County.

The newly constructed 7,500 square foot building is capable of seating 180 students, guests and visitors. The facility offers greatly expanded space and amenities compared to the smaller cafeteria it replaces. Groundbreaking began in February 2018 and was recently completed by the NC DPS Inmate Construction Program at a cost of $2.7 million.

Secretary Hooks said the new dining hall will help the training academy fulfill its mission of providing a premier training environment for DPS personnel and other law enforcement users.

“This new dining hall further increases the capacity and efficiency of operations at our training academy,” Secretary Hooks said. “Samarcand Training Academy plays a vital role in our department’s training needs for correctional officials and law enforcement, and is critical to achieving our public safety mission.”


The new dining hall replaces the smaller Mitchell Cafeteria, which required two dining periods to accommodate all students on campus. The dining hall will offer a more robust meal menu and schedule and four separate dining options will be available to students: all you can eat salad and soup bar; hot serving bar; made-to-order grill; and grab and go (for those who wish to take out meals due to time constraints). The wide and varied meal selections will provide healthier food choices, as well as options for those with food allergies and dietary restrictions.

“Our old cafeteria had become overwhelmed by the student population,” said Samarcand Training Academy Director Richard Jordan. “This new dining hall and its expanded capabilities ensure Samarcand Training Academy will remain a top-notch facility that offers a superior training environment for the dedicated public servants who train here.”

Since its 2015 opening, Samarcand Training Academy has conducted basic, in-service, and advanced training for the Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice. NCDPS law enforcement agencies also use Samarcand to conduct in-service and advanced training programs, and SBI and ALE hold their basic academies there; other local, state, federal and military agencies outside of NCDPS may conduct training events at the facility. 

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