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Parker set to release debut fantasy novel Feb. 29

ROCKINGHAM — Russell Parker, a Richmond County native and the executive producer of The Richmond Observer’s LIVE at 5, will release his debut fantasy novel this upcoming winter.

Set to release on Feb. 29, 2020, Parker is ready to “Leap” into the world of writing.

“I’m very excited to finally do this,” said Parker. “I cannot wait to share this story with the world.”

“A World Without War: Unwanted” is the first of a four-book series Parker plans to release. The story is set in an alternate universe where the world has been at peace for several hundred years thanks to magic. In Parker’s universe, there have been no wars since the crusades and technology advanced along a different path. Instead of looking to push weaponry from swords and bows, people set their sights for ways to combat overpopulation as well as food and land shortages.

“There are so many stories out there where the world has gone through an apocalypse, so when building this world, I thought to go in the opposite direction,” Parker said. “It was also a way to do medieval fantasy characteristics in a modern day setting.”

The story the book tells is about teenager Rebecca Warren and her sister Isabelle being forced to flee from England when their tyrant king demands their arrest. Leaving everything behind, they end up in America where they’re not wanted. 

“America has been led to believe that Rebecca and Isabelle are either the problem, or will cause one that could start a war with England’s king,” said Parker. “Nobody wants that.”


Rebecca and Isabelle attend Capitol Street Academy, a fictional prestigious private school in Washington, D.C. that has been funded through donations by members of a political party who are calling for the Warrens to be extradited.

“They’ll meet students, protesters, teachers and politicians who will react to and treat the girls and their actions differently,” Parker said. “Whether it’s a daughter of one of the politicians against the Warrens’ presence, a teacher who has quarrels with their father, or even a former friend from back home. Rebecca will have her hands full trying to handle people who have strong opinions of her and her sister.”

But that’s the least of Rebecca’s problems because while attending school, someone is attempting to kidnap the Warren sisters and Rebecca and her friends will attempt to find out who it is and how to stop them before the kidnapper gets the upper hand.

“With the interaction of characters that Rebecca encounters, it makes the reader guess at who could be trying to capture her and how Rebecca reacts to the person who is doing it, which will be a pivotal moment for her character.”

Pre-orders for “A World Without War: Unwanted” are available on Amazon for digital copies while paperback is expected to go up in late December to early January. The book will be released on leap day.

There are also frequent updates on Parker’s Facebook page, T. Russell Parker. On the page is character artwork drawn by local artist Kelsey Rushing and an excerpt from the story itself. Folks can also keep up through Parker’s website, trussellparker.weebly.com and find additional content.

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