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Public comment requested for 2022-2023 migratory game bird seasons

Tundra swan
Keith Ramos - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

RALEIGH —The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission is seeking public comment on the 2022-23 migratory game bird hunting seasons, specifically waterfowl, webless and extended falconry. Comments will be accepted through March 25 on the Wildlife Commission’s online comment portal. The agency’s Commissioners will review the comments and select the season dates at the April 14 business meeting.

Each year, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service provides season date frameworks from which the Wildlife Commission may choose hunting season dates within the established guidelines. Compensatory days are allowed for those states that do not allow hunting of migratory birds on Sunday. The season dates being considered include compensatory days for both waterfowl and webless species.


The public can access a detailed overview of significant changes in federal hunting season frameworks and/or changes to seasons and bag limits for 2022-23, as well as season frameworks for webless and waterfowl species, extended falconry season frameworks, and Canada goose and duck hunting zones on the comment portal webpage.

For more information on migratory game birds in North Carolina, visit the agency’s What to Hunt webpage.

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