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RAMBLINGS: On performing arts and philanthropist’s passing

The Performing Art Series at the Cole Auditorium recently ended the season with a rocking finale.

The Motones and Jerseys gave rousing renditions of some of the favorite songs of the ’60s and ’70s. It was great to hear such a succession of songs with memorable melodies and understandable lyrics … not to mention “athletic” choreography.

Several people I talked to at the end of the concert noted that they hoped the Motones and Jerseys would be returning next season. We should all be proud to have the Cole Auditorium in our midst as well as our community theater.

Have not watched “American Idol” much since my daughter was a teen. I was surprised to hear the show is celebrating its 21st anniversary this season.

I recently learned that one of this season’s contestants, Elijah McCormick, from Moore County, has connections to some of my Hoke County relatives. I was glad to see him move up to the next round this week and even happier that he and his duet partner chose the song “My Girl” to perform. They gave this song from my youth their own modern interpretation but still retaining the basic melody and understandable lyrics. I was hardly familiar with the other contestants’ songs.

A big difference between the original “American Idol” series and the present series I have noticed is the emphasis on the background of the contestants. Many have had harrowing stories such as living in a series of foster homes, losing parents at an early age, life threatening accidents, barely surviving in low paying jobs, etc.

Sadly, maybe it is a reflection of the times in which we live.

Rockingham can always be proud of our own American Idol, Bucky Covington, who placed eighth on the fifth season of the show. He and his twin brother, Rocky, also a musician, now reside near Nashville, Tennessee. Bucky will be returning to his hometown for SpringFest on April 22.


Just heard in a “breaking news” bulletin from a Charlotte TV station that one of the county’s most renown natives, Leon Levine, has died at the age of 85. Well known for his many generous philanthropic projects and contributions, he and his family are still well remembered among some of our older citizens.

Helen Cox is a former journalist and educator in Richmond County.

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