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Reader Submission: Christmas In My Old Hometown

Christmas in My Old Hometown 

A poem by Ron Jenkins

 Decorations on light poles,

As we walk through town;

To an old-time like square,

Where a tree can be found. 


Lights flashing with bows,

And tinsel around.

Bells ring from a church,

A heavenly sound. 


Choir members sing,

Along with the bells.

The birth of the Christ child,

The story they tell. 


On top of McKenzie’s,

Santa’s sleigh does appear;

Led by a red nose,

And all the reindeer. 


Children have visions,

Of gifts they’ll receive.

And in Jesus and Santa,

They’re taught to believe. 


Firewood is gathered,

And mistletoe, too.

So all can be warm,

And share kisses with you. 


Now that I’m older,

I remember these times.

Of when I was a boy; 

It’s stuck in my mind. 


I take a deep breath,

As I look around.

And think about Christmas,

In my old hometown. 

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