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Richmond County Schools celebrates Joyce McRae as Principal of the Year

Joyce McRae is honored as Principal of the year, flanked by Wiley Mabe, chairman of the Richmond County Board of Education (left), and Dr. Joe Ferrell, superintendent of Richmond County Schools. Photo by Richmond County Schools

HAMLET — Richmond County Schools proudly recognizes Joyce McRae as the Principal of the Year for the 2023-2024 academic year. With an illustrious career spanning 27 years, McRae’s journey through various educational roles has left an indelible mark on the district. Her dedication, leadership, and unwavering commitment to the betterment of education have earned her this prestigious honor.

Having spent nearly her entire career within the Richmond County Schools system, McRae’s impact has been nothing short of transformative. Her educational foundation was established with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from St. Andrews University in 2000, followed by a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Fayetteville State University in 2003. Her passion for leadership led her to pursue an administrative degree through the Sandhills Leadership Program.

McRae’s professional journey has been a dynamic one, spanning across numerous schools within the district. Her contributions have been felt at Cordova Elementary School, Mineral Springs Elementary, Fairview Heights, Rohanen Primary, Monroe Avenue, Richmond Senior High School, Cordova Middle School, and the Ninth Grade Academy. Her diverse experiences have equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of the education landscape and a unique ability to connect with students, teachers, and the wider community.


Colleagues and peers unanimously attest to McRae’s consistent dedication and extraordinary leadership qualities. Her commitment to maintaining high standards for herself and her teams is nothing short of inspiring. Described as dependable, honest, and straightforward, McRae embodies a leadership style that reflects her clear vision and values.

McRae’s professionalism, unwavering motivation, and aptitude for fostering a collaborative environment have earned her the reputation of a true team builder. Her tireless efforts to achieve personal and collective goals, coupled with her steadfast support for those around her, have created a culture of growth and empowerment.

It is with great pleasure that Richmond County Schools announces Mrs. Joyce McRae as the Principal of the Year for 2023-2024. Her impact on education, her colleagues, and the entire school community exemplify the values of excellence, leadership, and dedication that define the Richmond County Schools district.

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