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Richmond County Schools crowns district spelling bee champ

Front Row: Braye Chavis, Izzie Thompson, Cali Bullard, Wyatt Duncan, Joseph Odom, Terry Ingram, Sarahi Lopez, David Lampley, Nasiah Rorie, Clyde Cone. Middle Row: Cornelius Prevatte, Aubri Gibson, Hadley Bowdren, Yared Ruiz Nabor, Shane Taylor, Devin Brigman, Ethan McNair, Liam Leviner, Pilar Gomez Morales. Back Row: Dr. Joe Ferrell. Not Pictured: Michael Gibson, Grant Knight, River Carpenter. Photo by Richmond County Schools

HAMLET — On March 30, 2023, the Cole Auditorium was abuzz with excitement as the Richmond County Schools District Spelling Bee began.

After weeks of preparation and intense competition, the top spellers from each school in the district gathered to determine who would take home the top prize.

The road to the district bee began with classroom spelling bees in each participating school, followed by school-wide competitions. The winners of these events then progressed to the district level, where they faced off against the best spellers from across the district.

After an intense battle of words, it was time to crown a winner. The first-place prize went to Joseph Odom, an eighth-grade student at Rockingham Middle School. Joseph displayed exceptional spelling skills and composure under pressure, outspelling all of his competitors to take the top spot.

Runner-up honors went to Hadley Bowdren from L.J. Bell Elementary School, who put up a valiant effort but ultimately fell just short of the top prize. Both students demonstrated an impressive mastery of the English language and represented their schools with pride.

We would also like to acknowledge the winners and runner-ups of the school bees. These students excelled in their respective schools, and their hard work and dedication were evident throughout the competition.

LJ Bell
1st Place – Hadley Bowdren
2nd Place – Terry Ingram

Washington Street
1st Place – Nasiah Rorie
2nd Place – Clyde Cone

West Rockingham
1st Place – Cornelius Prevatte
2nd Place – River Carpenter


East Rockingham
1st Place – Braye Chavis
2nd Place – Liam Leviner

Mineral Springs
1st Place – Sarahi Lopez
2nd Place – David Lampley

Fairview Heights
1st Place – Cali Bullard
2nd Place – Wyatt Duncan

Monroe Avenue
1st Place – Izzie Thompson
2nd Place – Ethan McNair

Hamlet Middle
1st Place – Devin Brigman
2nd Place – Pilar Gomez Morales

Rockingham Middle
1st Place – Joseph Odom
2nd Place – Aubri Gibson

Cordova Middle
1st Place – Michael Gibson
2nd Place – Grant Knight

Ellerbe Middle
1st Place – Yared Ruiz Nabor
2nd Place – Shane Taylor

Congratulations to all of the participants and especially to Joseph and Hadley for their remarkable achievements.

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