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Richmond County Schools honors Ismael Gomez as Assistant Principal of the Year

Photo by Richmond County Schools

HAMLET — Richmond County Schools takes immense pride in recognizing Ismael Gomez as the Assistant Principal of the Year. In various capacities, Gomez has demonstrated unwavering dedication to the betterment of education, from his active involvement as a parent representative to his transformative role as an assistant principal at Hamlet Middle School.

Gomez’s journey in education has been characterized by a commitment to growth and a passion for empowering students and educators alike. His journey began with a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Mathematics Education, which he earned from Appalachian State University in December 2013. Building on this foundation, he pursued a Master’s Degree in School Administration from Campbell University, graduating in May 2022.

Gomez’s professional history is a testament to his dedication. He began his career as a seventh-grade math teacher at Rohanen Middle School, where he fostered a positive learning environment and inspired his students to excel. His impact continued to flourish as a math teacher at Hamlet Middle School from November 2015 to June 2021, where his innovative teaching methods left a lasting impression on both students and colleagues.


His leadership potential was evident when he took on the role of assistant principal (intern) at Monroe Avenue from August 2021 to June 2022. During this time, he demonstrated his aptitude for fostering collaboration and driving positive change within the school community. In August 2022, Gomez returned to Hamlet Middle School, this time as a full-fledged assistant principal. His insightful approach and forward-thinking mindset have since contributed to the school’s continued growth and success.
With a cumulative service of nine years and five months in the education sector, Gomez’s impact is palpable. His passion for education extends beyond the classroom, influencing the entire school ecosystem positively. His journey from a dedicated parent representative to an esteemed assistant principal exemplifies his dedication to creating an environment where students thrive and educators are empowered.

The spotlight continued to shine on Ismael Gomez as he took center stage as the Assistant Principal of the Year during Convocation yesterday. Richmond County Schools celebrates his accomplishments, his commitment to excellence, and his tireless efforts to shape the future of education.