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Richmond Early College High School’s Lauren Humann will join ECU Pirates as an EC Scholar

Lauren Humann has been accepted into East Carolina University’s Honors College.

HAMLET — After a competitive application process, Lauren Humann, a 13th-year at Richmond Early College High School, has been accepted into East Carolina University’s Honors College. She was also selected to be an EC Scholar for the class of 2025 — the most prestigious merit-based award at  the university. 

“When I got accepted into ECU, I was ecstatic,” Humann said with a smile. “I had only heard great things about the Honors College at ECU. And then they sent me this letter offering me the  highest Honors College award!”  

The EC Scholar Program offers a significant scholarship valued at nearly $64,000 and challenging learning experiences for a highly select group of East Carolina University undergraduates, according to the university’s website. The program provides students rigorous  coursework, research opportunities with faculty members across campus, and a required study abroad experience.  

As a finalist, Humann participated in a day full of virtual activities with 50 other EC Scholar finalists as well as an interview.  

“As I was sitting there with the 50 other finalists, I was thinking ‘these kids are so smart … oh my goodness’,” she said. “And then I did the interview and pressed the off button and just breathed a sigh of relief.”  

The school advised that they would let the finalists know their decision in two weeks, and Humann received a letter in the mail three days early. She cried when she read the news.  

“I thought I did really well in the interview, but after seeing all the finalists in the group activity and seeing how smart and talented they all were, I was just like ‘I don’t know’,” she said. “So I  was completely surprised and excited.”  


For a long time, Humann figured she would end up at a school that offered good programs in business and electrical engineering as those are two fields she is interested in. While at ECU, Humann said she might consider a double major in both since she has earned a lot of college credits while attending REaCH. She is currently completing her substation degree which is why she had to stay an additional year. 

In addition to her classwork, Humann is involved in other extra curricular activities that she feels helped boost her application. She is a Richmond Community College ambassadorand is part of  the North Carolina Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council. She feels that the council not  only helped grow her as a team member but also as a team leader.  

“It has allowed me a much greater understanding on how the North Carolina State Board of Education, DPI and government works together,” she said.  

Humann looks forward to going to ECU. She said the university is big on community, which is also something she’s felt while being at REaCH and Richmond Community College.  

“The faculty and staff here at REaCH have been amazing,” she said. “They’ve always reassured me that I can do whatever I set my mind to, which has been wonderful.  

“And being partnered with RCC has been amazing too,” she added. “I went to the career and transfer center before my interview and they gave me a mock interview. And having an academic advisor before college has been super helpful in showing me my class options and what I can do.” 


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