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Richmond Raider Band unveils new uniforms

Senior and mellophone section leader Gabrielle Bellanger holds the old uniform jacket next to the new uniform to compare the two.
Richmond County Schools

ROCKINGHAM – After 20 years with their old uniforms and several years of fundraising, the Richmond Raider Band unveiled their new uniforms Monday evening.

The previous uniforms, which included a white jacket and a green jacket, were purchased back in the ‘90s. But after years of working hard to maintain a clean appearance for each of the uniforms, it was time for something new.

“The band has been operating with the old uniforms for a while, which they’ve done a good job with, but they were dated and the students wanted a fresh start and look,” said Richmond Senior High School Principal Jim Butler. “The students had their input on the new design after working with the company and looking at past designs. The biggest thing is how lightweight the jackets are now.

“These uniforms solidify their status of being the Pride of Richmond County, which is what they’re referred to as.”

During the unveiling, senior mellophone section leader Gabrielle Bellanger modeled the new uniform which included a new jacket, new bibbers (or pants) with an inside pocket and elastic on the side, and a cummerbund. The sashes and hats will arrive at a later time.

“These are such nice uniforms!” said Bellanger with a huge smile on her face.


And on the Raider Band Fans’ social media, commenters also agreed.

“Huge improvement,” commented one. “Those will look great on Fridays and Saturdays.”

“Those are awesome!” commented another.

Over the years, students and the band boosters raised money through several fundraisers and donations to help with the purchase of the uniforms. Through the help of their sponsors — which include Basic Finance, Pattan’s Downtown Grille, Trinity Manufacturing, Cameronian Presbyterian Church, Pee Dee Electric and the Rotary Club — the band was able to raise $10,000.

Richmond County Schools matched the other $10,000, coming up with a grand total of $20,000 for the uniforms.

The remainder of the uniforms will arrive on Oct. 4 for students to use for upcoming games and to march in for Homecoming on Oct. 25 if they choose. Butler plans to keep one of each of the old uniforms to display in a case in the school.


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