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RichmondCC prepared Hamlet Police sergeant for a career in law enforcement

Sgt. Jacqueline Brown, of the Hamlet Police Department, earned her Basic Law Enforcement Training certification and associate degree in Criminal Justice Technology from Richmond Community College.

HAMLET — Jacqueline Brown of Hamlet always knew that she wanted to take the Criminal Justice career path. 

As a native of Hamlet, she was aware of a great college right down the road where she could fulfill that dream. She chose to continue that educational journey at Richmond Community College. 

“When I visited RichmondCC, everyone was so accommodating and helpful. The staff answered all my questions; it was such a positive environment and very welcoming,” Brown said. 

Brown is currently employed with Hamlet Police Department as a police sergeant. She began by pursuing and earning her Criminal Justice Technology degree at RichmondCC in 2016. She also completed and graduated from RichmondCC’s Basic Law Enforcement Training program in 2019.

“My degree along with my BLET certification that I received from RichmondCC has shaped and helped me become the officer I am today,” she said. 

Although she plans to add to her education even further, for now she is taking some much needed time to focus on her career by helping the citizens of her community.

“Richmond Community College has helped me to start an amazing career path that I have always wanted. I can help others and make the world a bit easier for our citizens to live in,” she said.  “RichmondCC not only has a great pathway for those looking to start a career in law enforcement, they also have great programs for any career path. The college can put you on the right track to a successful future in whatever field you choose.”


About the BLET Program

The BLET program provides students with the skills required for entry-level employment as law enforcement officers with state, county or municipal government, or with private enterprises. The program uses N.C. Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission mandated topics and methods of instruction.

Students learn criminal, juvenile, civil, traffic and alcoholic beverage laws along with ethics and community relations. They learn investigative, patrol, custody and court procedures; they learn how to respond to emergencies in addition to critical self-defense techniques and essential officer safety procedures. The program also requires intense physical training, familiarity with the use of firearms and defensive driving.

In order to receive a certificate, students must successfully complete and pass all units of study, which include the certification examinations mandated by the N.C. Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission, along with the N.C. Sheriffs’ Education and Training Standards Commission.

Turn Your Training into a College Degree

RichmondCC will award 13 college credit hours in the Criminal Justice Technology program to students who successfully complete Basic Law Enforcement Training. Your training will earn you four college classes. This is equal to one semester of the associate degree program. The two-year program and can be completed all online or in a traditional classroom format.

For more information about Basic Law Enforcement Training, contact Percy Crutchfield, Director of Public Safety at 910-410-1708 or ptcrutchfield@richmondcc.edu. For information about the Criminal Justice program, contact Traci Etheridge, Criminal Justice Program Coordinator at 910-410-1728 or tcetheridge@richmondcc.edu.


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