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Rocking for a Reason returns to Richmond Senior

ROCKINGHAM —The Rocking for a Reason fundraiser was back in full swing this year after taking a hiatus due to the pandemic.

The event started in 2011 as Reading for a Reason, to raise money for Jonathan Hernandez, a student who was diagnosed with metastatic osteosarcoma.

Although Hernandez passed away in 2018, the event continues to raise funds for charity.

Click here to read about a memorial bench placed at the high school in Hernandez’s memory.

This year’s event, which took place at Richmond Senior High, involved participants staying overnight and participating in various activities.

The fundraiser has a long-standing tradition of giving back to the school community.

The main beneficiary is Pennies from Heaven, an RSHS charity that supports less fortunate and at-risk students in the area. The charity also provides funding to guidance counselors at the high school to better support students who may be in need.

Previous years have seen significant amounts of money raised for Pennies from Heaven, and the organizers are hopeful that this year’s event will continue the trend of generosity.

As of Wednesday, the amount raised had not been released.

About 75 students participated in Rocking for a Reason and the activities included a gender-swap beauty pageant, karaoke and open-gym activities.

According to Author Gilliam, one of the organizers and a teacher at the school, the decision to bring back the event in its original form after a year of COVID-related restrictions was motivated by the students themselves.

“… they wanted it back to having all night long, so it just helps students get together … get their mind off of school activities, and have a good time with each other,” Gilliam explained.

Ashleigh Larsen, a teacher at Richmond Senior High, expressed her support for the fundraiser.

“I think it’s a really great cause,” Larsen said. “I’m glad we brought it back.


“It’s unfortunate that a lot of these kids never even participate in it,” Larsen continued. “I think we had a pretty good turnout, but it used to be cramped in here. So I hope, as we progress, it turns back into what it once was three, four, five years ago.”

Larsen’s sentiment reflects the enthusiasm shared by many in the school community — including students — for the event’s return.

Senate President Edriana Davis shared her involvement in the event.

“As part of the Senate, we were in charge of planning for Rocking for a Reason last year,” said Davis. “It was ‘Walking for a Reason,’ and they did it outside on the track. And since we’re coming back from COVID and all the limitations from COVID, we decided to bring Rocking for a Reason back to its original way as a lock-in.”

Davis said she was personally motivated to take part in the fundraiser because she was able to spend time with her friends and “contribute to a cause of helping other students.”

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