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Sandhills SAR to reenact battle at House in the Horeshoe

Reenactment of the attack on the House in the Horseshoe. Contributed photo

GLENDON —The Sandhills Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution invites all to join us Aug. 6 for a day of living history and a patriotic ceremony to honor the 241st Anniversary of the attack at The Historic Alston House or “The House in the Horseshoe.”

The Alston House is located at 288 Alston House Road in Glendon. The Patriotic ceremony starts a 10 a.m. with members of the Sandhills SAR Chapter, the North Carolina State SAR Society, four Daughters of the American Revolution chapters, and participation from other patriotic associations.

The event will include many scheduled displays and demonstrations of 18th century life, historical displays, a living Revolutionary War era encampment, an extensive 18th century firearms and weapons display, period medical treatments, as well as many other interesting displays throughout the day.


Food trucks and refreshments will be available.

The reenactment battle highlights the struggles and events between the Tory and Whig families in the back country as the Revolutionary War engulfed North Carolina.

For more information, visit: sandhillssar.org; ncssar.org/calendar; historicsites.nc.org, or please contact Mike Fusselbaugh at fusselmrf@gmail.com.

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